From: Roger
To: Sally

I know we tried to figure out who was at the first dance, do you know?
Sarah H.
Jerry H.
Chris B.
Rosalind Y.
Jon H.
Roger P.
Sally C.

Also, I THINK:
Cissy B.
John and Carol F.
Sue S.?
Robin H.?
Jackie Van D.?
Lauren ?

On that first night, I remember doing Mayim (in fact that was the first dance, and later figured out it was really dumb to take these approaching-middle-age people who hadn't danced in 20 years and doing something so active without a warm up!) Sarah taught Sano Duso, substituting rock-rock-rock for the yemenite steps; we did Setnja, and Miserlou. I think you taught Raca. Sarah may have taught Troika that first night.

Thanks Sally!