Sept 25 1998
Hedges School gym

Jerry C, Sally C, Roger, Kathy B., Ginger B., Brian S., Carol &
John F., Terry & Katie M., 8 Gluths, some ladies of indeterminate age,
a slew of grade-school and 7th-grade-looking kids for an hour or hour and a
half. When we were doing Tretur fra Fana we had 2 full sets (24 total) plus
Carol Calling and then the Gluths came in and there were some kids sitting
out; also a couple of people came in later. So that's 33 or more at our
max. Took in $23 in donations.

In Tretur fra Fana, you advance toward another trio and acknowledge them
with a bow or curtsy, but one little boy thought that was the perfect time
to kick the little girl across from him, so we had to shuffle some people

Raca, Troika, Zemer Atik, Vrapcheto, Ciuleandra, Troika, Mayim, Tretur fra
Fana, Road to the Isles, Kimberley Waltz.

We pretty well broke up about 9:45 although it took awhile to gather tapes,
stereos, etc. It was a great time. We missed Sarah & Ros, but did okay
without them. I'd have suffered without Roger and Carol, however!!!! Also
Robin H. and Robin H. missed being there, they would have been a
great addition.

Kodak Moment: I stood in the middle of the Troika circle and called the
steps; Brian in particular was so much fun to watch--real high-stepping
horse style, lots of energy and enthusiasm.