From: Sally
Date: Oct 30, 1998

Sons of Norway

Charged $3.00/ea or $6/family suggested donation. Had 31-35 people & made
our rent plus about $25. At $2 we would not have made rent, this way we're
ahead. We did just about all the dances on my main tape except Ve David,
also learned (or started to learn) Vossarull (which is on my tape but didn't
know the dance). In Vossarull you can choose, with your partner, when you
do which parts, there's no set number of steps, just a set pattern. First
you walk, with a lilting step; then when you agree to, you do a little
two-step forward and backward and forward again; on the next count of the
two-step, the lady steps backward but the man closes with her; then they
start in a dizzying whirl in which each uses his weight to pivot the couple
a half-turn, alternating partner by partner until too dizzy to continue.
Return to the promenade. The clasp for the side-by-side parts is lady on
right, her left hand on his right shoulder, his right arm around her waist.
For face-to-face parts her right hand goes on his left shoulder and
theoretically his left hand holds her skirt out; in practice, however, it is
simply a shoulder/waist closed position. Sarah also taught Pata Pata which
we hadn't done since last spring. It was a big hit with some.

Kodak Moment: totally dizzy doing Vossarull practice with Roger, across the
room and back again and again and again and again (get the picture?)

Roger, that's all from my journal; and it was Ros who was teaching
Vossarull; however, I do still have the tape referred to above, and the
dances on it that we probably did would include:
Tzadik Katamar (we might have done that our very first night too)
Zemer Atik (I bet we did that the first night too)
Alunelul (we might have done this the first night too)
Road to the Isles
Vranjanka (Sano Duso)
Ma Na Vu
Hora Agadati
Kol Dodi