Date: Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:49:25 -0700

Subject: 21 Nov Dance Report

Hi Roger and Ros,
We were sorry to miss you both last night. We had another excellent
turnout--hard to count, but 35 would be a conservative guess. About 2/3
to 3/4 returnees, 1/3 to 1/4 newcomers. Many kids of elementary school
age, who could be divided into the obstreperous and the very very nice.
Carol Free and Sarah did all the teaching, and we did at least 5 new
dances. Setnja from Yugoslavia; the Angus Reel; something called the
Birdie Song with a Schuhplattler performed by 2 men in the middle of the
circle; an ancient Druid dance about a birch tree; and the Salty Dog
Rag. Salty Dog was the most complex of the new ones, the rest were
quite simple (good for having lots of kids).
Next scheduled dance is for Fri Jan 22; however, we took a sign-up sheet
for people interested in a December dance and had a large response to
that. My initial feeling is to go for a shorter (2 hour) dance at a
free location (read: hard floor) the week between Christmas & New
Yeear's. But there's no reason to stick with that idea; we are ahead
monetarily by one full evening's S.O.N. rental so could theoretically
still have one there. What do you think? Remember that signing an
interest sheet doesn't mean anyone will come.
Ros, Roger delivered to me the copies of the video that he made. Next
time I see you I'll give you the original to return to CO and one for
I've decided to place an order from that outfit in Kentucky for some 78
rpm records. Anything you want? I'm getting Ari-Ara (Isr.); Harmonica
(Isr.); Hineh Matov (Isr.); and anything anyone else wants. Let me
I'll be in touch.