Hi, Roger,

Dec. 26, 1998 Sons of Norway

We decided after all to have a December dance - 2 months would just be too
long without!!
We only had 16 people show up, including 3 who were newbies last time (Erika
& Mike, and Jackie's husband Ben), and one newcomer (Margie Cook-Bob
Piersall's ex-wife, Margie is pronounced with a hard "g"). Besides those 4,
we had me, Sarah, Roger, Katerli, Connie Cohen, Bob Piersall, Paul Sharick,
Mark, Rosemary, Maria, Jackie Van Dyke, & Carolyn. Carolyn and Bob had both
come before but not for several months. Ros is still in New England with her
ailing mother, and the Free's had illness in their home so stayed home. The
kids were well behaved this time. We did some oldies but also learned Ali
Pasha, Florchika, the Scottish sword dance in which we vanquish winter,
worked on Salty Dog Rag again, 2 versions of Lesnoto (last done at Woodland
Park), and cemented Setnja. Roger and I worked on figuring out Harmonica,
now that we have the music to it (Rich Langsford sent me 26 record albums,
and the shipment included Harmonica and Hineh Ma Tov, which been needing).
We'll have to work on Harmonica at home and bring it next time. It's more
complicated than I remembered from college, but certainly not impossible.
Just have to study the directions and try it out.

Kodak Moment: (as I write this in on May 13, 2000, I can't remember one
moment, but I do remember we had a real good time and the turnout of 16 was
actually pleasing.)

Note afterward, May 31, 2006: Our spelling has improved! The songs
mentioned above, we would now spell Ali Pasa and Floricica. The "Scottish
sword dance" was actually a Morris dance that Sarah had adapted for her
school-kids and it was a lot of fun. The description for it is filed in my
own notes under "Vanquish Winter" but I've never gotten to do it again.
Hard to imagine having to "cement" Setnja!