Date: Sun, 28 Mar 1999 12:06:51 -0700

Subject: Extra sessions

Roger and Sarah,
You asked how we did on money and I hadn't counted it yet. After the
fund paid me back $3.00 for pop, we still have $70, an alltime high. So
next month's rent is assured.

On the beginner-interest sign-up sheet there was quite a bit of
interest, mainly the ones who came to the other beginner session, and
Russ Conn added his name with "willing to teach." I'm thinking I should
go to the session and he can teach some and I can teach some, that way
there will be some continuity and he's not just an unknown quantity
turned loose on our carefully cultured recruits. I hate to be out 3
weekends in a row dancing, since I have a concert the next weekend with
all its extra rehearsals. I may just call the sign-ups and tell them we
can't do one this month. The other option is in fact to turn Russ loose
with them, and all I'd have to do is arrange the hall rental. What do
you both think? If I were single, I'd have no problem, I'd do it all,
in a heartbeat, but I'm not single and do need to consider my
longsuffering husband.

Please give me some input soon.
See you both the 10th at 5:00 at Sarah's school. The following people
signed that list(the intermediate interest): both of you, me, Gil
J., Amber S., Nicole D., and Russ C. Who else
should I contact about the intermediate dance there? Reply to these
Bob P. (I'm assuming he wants to though he didn't sign the list)
Cissy B.
the Frees
Kat Curtis
Kathy Burgess
the Adneys
Maria Gluth
the Meyers'es
anyone else you have in mind?

P.S. I only call about 30 people a month; the rest I e-mail all at
once. The 60 or so names on my list include a lot of duplicates--i.e. 2
people or more in one household--I list them individually but they have
to share one phone call. So don't worry about my telephoning. Either I
leave messages on answering machines, which is the fastest, or I get to
know people better by talking with them; also that way I get *some* feel
for who is planning to come and so forth.

Give me some feedback, thanks for all your teaching, and see you the