Date: Sun, 25 Apr 1999 00:34:35 -0600

Subject: April Dance Report

Hi Ros, Sarah & Roger,
Since you all missed it, you all get a taste of the report I send to Ros
every month (yeah, I do that too).
We had about 20-23 people, of whom 2 were first-timers and at least 3
were second-timers. Of the 2 first-timers, one will be back but the
other is a friend of mine from Great Falls so won't be back,but she had
a real good time. In spite of the absence of all of you teachers, I
only taught one dance that I can think of. Russ taught Hashual and
Jacob's Ladder; Jon Heberling taught Kol Dodi; Sue Sande and the Frees
taught Totur Tu (I might be spelling this wrong); Brian Shea and Mollie
McGlochlin taught Hole in the Wall, Strip the Willow, and an Armenian
dance whose name I missed. Those were all new dances to our large
group. In addition to the new ones, we did Ma Na Vu, Tzadik Katamar,
Tretur fra Fana, Familie Sekstur, Miserlou, and Road to the Isles; and
with 2 minutes to go, Jon gave a demonstration of Jove Malaj Mome while
I gamely went with him and gave it my best shot.
Russ brought his sound system--a big improvement over our boomboxes, and
easier on our speakers! We used my box to get songs cued up, and his to
play them on. There's a bit of a schlepp factor there, but many hands
make light work, and it's a big improvement. He made me a tape that
included Jacob's Ladder, so that's 2 people who have that music; and
Mollie lent me Strip the Willow to copy (I had the music to Hole in the
Wall, just didn't know the dance), so the only music that I am missing
of the new stuff is the Armenian one, and as I said, Mollie will be
I announced the upcoming concerts of the Children's Choir and the GOC
and also bragged about Robin's invitation to play with the Great Falls
Symphony. Speaking of the GCC, Cissy and Petie made it to folkdancing
for awhile.
Next dance is Friday May 21; I have also gone ahead and set a summer
schedule with Sam for the last Saturday of every month.
Well, we missed you and we know you missed us, but it was still a great
evening. I think we had the largest number of people still there at
10:00 that we've ever had.
See you all May 21st--apologies to Roger for it being on a Friday, but
it's the last time.

Date: Sat, 01 May 1999 16:39:25 -0600

Subject: Switch to Sat 22 Folkdance

To all on the e-mail list who were at the April Folkdance:
Connie, Jon, Sarah, $ Roger, as well as Oftedahls and Robin,
We have changed the date of the May folkdance. Instead of being on
Friday May 21 as announced, it will be on Saturday May 22. Hope this
fits more people's schedules better. I will still send out the
week-before reminders, but for those who marked it dutifully when you
got home that night, change it! :)