June 26,1999

1 Alunelul (little chesnut)
2 Ajde Jano
3 Raca
4 Lacodalmi Tanc -taught by Russ
5 Verapcheto
6 Misirlou
7 Syrto
8 Koldodi
9 Tzadik Katamar
10 Manavu
11 Hora Agadati
12 Jove Malaj Mome
13 Dayagim
14 Jacob's Laddder

Mon, 28 Jun 1999 18:17:27 -0600

Subject: Dance $$

Roger, Sarah, and Jon,
Since I know you 3 are the most "interested" besides myself in the
financial viability of our folkdance group, here's where we are:
We went into the 26th with $56; I added $20 so we could get in the door,
so having paid Sam for the 26th we had $1.00 We took in $88 so we now
have $89 which is enough to pay for July and have $14 left over. I know
all of you put in extra, and I know of a few more who did also, and
hopefully an occasional big boost from one person or another will be
enough to keep us bumping along. I don't think the large amounts that a
few of us put in this time will have to be repeated any time soon.

I had a great time at this dance! It was a real catharsis, wiping out
the ill effects of a long and difficult week (today was a true-blue
Monday, but it is at least a new week with a new beginning....)

Bob Piersoll wants to be called when we have the outdoor one that Sarah
is planning. Let us know when and where, Sarah.