Date: Fri, 23 Jul 1999 19:08:25 -0600

Subject: Folkdance Sat 7/31

Hello, everyone, it's been a long month but finally folkdancing is
almost here again--this Saturday, July 31. Go camping this weekend so
you can come folkdancing next weekend! :)
See you at the Sons of Norway from 7:00 on. Bring your friends and
out-of-town visitors. Hall rent has increased so the more people who
come, the more we can keep the cost per person down. Besides, the more
who come, the further the joy can spread!

P.S. Remember the Flathead Festival upcoming concerts this Monday July
26 at Christian Center featuring a variety of young local musicians
performing classical music, and Monday Aug 2 at the O'Shaughnessy Center
in Whitefish featuring Shauneen G. and Peggy Y. on harp.

See you Saturday!

Date: Sun, 01 Aug 1999 18:25:57 -0600

Subject: Last night's dance

Dear Roger and Rosalind,
We missed you at folkdancing last night but hope that you had a great
time with your boys, Roger, and that your foot is healing, Ros.
We hit an alltime low attendance of 7 (previous low 16 on several
occasions) but as you know, 7 is a good number for lots of intensive
learning, and we did have a good time and learn a lot. Those present
were myself, Sarah, Russ C., Don & Rose S., and Sue Sande,
and then Tim Van Buren, a guy both Sarah and I know from music.
Russ taught us a very easy Israeli dance called Shibboleth Basedah, and
also a dance from ?? called Savila Se Bela Loza, and Sue Sande taught
one very simple Norwegian dance called Per Spelmann.
We also worked intensively on Rustemul and reviewed Lakodalmi Tanc
several times. We interspersed all the learning with doing some of our
old standby's, Tzadik Katamar, Vranjanka, Ciuleandra (we had to do that
one twice because we messed up the first time), Ma Na Vu, Jove Malaj
Mome, Ajde Jano, Jacob's Ladder, and Hashual. In addition, we worked on
learning the Hambo. Russ taught the men their part, and Sarah and Sue
tried to teach the women's part to Rose and me. Then Russ was partner
to each of the women while Sarah was partner to each of the men, and I
suppose we made some progress, but it is harder than it looks. We also
worked a little bit for fun on some waltz moves since they go sort of
hand in hand with the Hambo. We did the big and little windows, and
Russ demonstrated "the knot" with me.
Monetarily, we paid the rent for last night and took in $41, so with
some reserve that we still had, we now have $51 towrd next month's rent
of $75. I have to believe that the low attendance was just an anomaly
tied to the summer busy-ness that most people have, and that we'll pull
out of it okay over a period of time. Low attendance sure wasn't for a
lack of beating the bushes. But for next time, I'll go heavy on the
posters, see if they do better.
Russ brought a variable-speed record player, and we used it to help us
on Rustemul. It's a pretty neat tool. I think we might be looking at a
small-group dance in mid-August at some free location. Any dates or
times come to mind?
See you in August one way or the other (next scheduled dance is the