HI Sally, had a great time. Hiked over fifty miles over the week and ate
only what I backpacked in. Jesse did just as well and Ryan did over 60 miles.

>We hit an alltime low attendance of 7 (previous low 16 on several
>occasions) but as you know, 7 is a good number for lots of intensive
>learning, and we did have a good time and learn a lot.

Well, it is vacation time.

> Russ taught us a very easy Israeli dance called Shibboleth Basedah, and
>also a dance from ?? called Savila Se Bela Loza, and Sue Sande taught
>one very simple Norwegian dance called Per Spelmann.

I'm looking forward to learn the new ones.

>learning the Hambo. Russ taught the men their part, and Sarah and Sue
>tried to teach the women's part to Rose and me. Then Russ was partner
>to each of the women while Sarah was partner to each of the men, and I
>suppose we made some progress, but it is harder than it looks.

All right, I've tried to learn that dance from time to time, but yet to get
it. Maybe I'll finialy learn it now with the groups help.

>Monetarily, we paid the rent for last night and took in $41, so with
>some reserve that we still had, we now have $51 towrd next month's rent
>of $75.

At least you had the funds.

>I'll go heavy on the posters, see if they do better.

That's how I found out about this group, at the heath food store.

>Russ brought a variable-speed record player, and we used it to help us
>on Rustemul. It's a pretty neat tool.

Yes! We can Floricica down too.

>I think we might be looking at a small-group dance in mid-August at some
>free location. Any dates or times come to mind?

I'm game, just has to be on a weekend.

>See you in August one way or the other (next scheduled dance is the 28th)

Ok, thank You Sally.