Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 08:44:31 -0700

Subject: Dance Report

Sarah and Roger,
Since you were both gone, you both get this report :)

Last night we had 28 dancers and a few onlookers; 7 (that's 25%) were
first-timers, 9 had been there about 3 times apiece or less, and 12 of
us regulars (Russ, me, Jackie Z, Connie C., Kristie A. with 2
daughters, John & Carol F., Jon H., Bob P., Bobbie
K.). The regular people sort of strolled in, but the newcomers
were there promptly at 7:00, so it seemed at first like we were way
outnumbered--but we conquered in the end!

I think 5 of the 7 newcomers will be back--they all did really well and
had a good time. I'll run the names by you so you can say you've heard
the names before--Debbie M. (works at that health food store
catty-corner from the Sons of Norway); another Debbie who came with a
guy named Craig B.; Gail G., who works at Joanne's Fabrics and
also teaches calligraphy, and came with a guy named Rick, who is an
artist; I guess that's 5. The guys had as good a time as the gals.

I should mention that Debbie Mallams came too. I didn't put her under
first-timers because she is so incredibly fast at learning, she might as
well be one of us oldtimers! She asked me last week for written
instructions to Floricica, which she saw for the first time at the
Bohemian Grange, so she could perform it for a friend's upcoming
birthday! (And she and Jon and Russ worked on it a little more right at
the end last night.)

Anyway, we had a good time. We did mostly very beginner dances but did
increase difficulty as the evening wore on. We did Alunelul, Ma Na Vu,
Ajde Jano, Zaplet (Russ taught that for the first time), a Maori stick
game that Carol Free taught, Bummeltanz, Troika, Miserlou, Angus Reel,
Spinnradl (John & Carol taught that, and Kristie and her daughter Megan
knew it already too), Seven Jumps (we had 6 or more kids of the proper
age present at the time), Jove Malaj Mome (THREE TIMES so Debbie Mallams
could learn that, which she promptly did), Zemer Atik, Vranjanka, Road
to the Isles, Tiniminihaman, Floricica, Setnja, and Shibboleth Basedah.

Afterward, we went to Perkins--me, Jerry, Russ, Gail, and Rick. Very

Jon asked me to see if we could dance twice a month. As far as I'm
concerned, personally, I can't squeeze any more out of my calendar; if
he or someone else trusted wants to borrow my music or other resources,
that's fine, but for me, I can't do any more. If you two want to, get
with Jon. I will add that the Scandinavian/Western European bunch
changed their schedule so that instead of every Thursday night, they
will be dancing every Friday night, and then that automatically includes
what has been up to now the every-second-Friday dance they were having.
But of course that's not Balkan.

Because of the mix of people we had, I didn't get any firm commitments
to help dance at the Prestige Assisted Living Center, but need to call
the lady Monday with a yea or nay, so I'll be on the phone today. So
far, it's just me, Russ, and Sarah. Again, that's Friday, Feb. 11 at
7:00 for 45 minutes.

So Sarah, how did Robin do in Seattle?
Roger, did you get to go to Calgary? If so, a report, please! I still
haven't even heard all of Russ' adventures from last weekend in Boulder.

See ya later,