Date: Fri, 18 Feb 2000 21:07:20 -0700

Subject: Feb. 26 Folkdance :)

Hello all Folkdancers!
Our next folkdance is next Saturday, Feb. 26, at the Sons of Norway from
7 to 10.
Upcoming dates include:
March 18--our second anniversary. 6:30-10:30. Bring finger food.
April 22
May 20

A dozen of us had the wonderful fun of presenting an exhibition to the
residents of the Presige Assisted Living Center last week, and I'll be
bringing pictures, all numbered so that you can pick out which ones you
want copies of. We get a special deal of 37 cents each (usual price is
49 cents). Most of the pix are great! Furthermore, they've asked if we
would come again on March 31. So think about that.

A few notes on personal happenings within our group:

Geno and Anne C. have a new baby, Philip D., born Feb. 10. Mama
and baby hope to have a few hours alone next week while Dad brings the
rest of the kids to dance.

Connie Cohen's husband Ben passed away about a week after our last
dance. I've sent a card on behalf of all the folkdancers. Connie is a
very quiet person but very much a regular dancer,
and if we can give her a show of support it can only help her over a
very difficult time.

Kathy B, try to come this time--I've unearthed the pictures from the 4th
of July showing Chris burning his Army boots.

Roger, you have new company to dance Floricica with you--Debbie Mallams
has mastered it (but she won't be there this time). You'd be proud of
me--I led "Sweet Girl" at the exhibition dance last week and didn't lose
it until the last repetition. :)

Vince, did you get hold of Violet Hays? Will you be bringing her?

Hope to see you all next week.