Dances danced at S.O.N, March 18, 2000:

Ajde Jano
Alunelul (little chesnut)
Angus Reel
Armenan Turn
Attepardansen Med Svensen -Sue S
Belasicko Oro
Erev Ba
Floricica -Roger taught
Flying Fish (Hora Haktana)
Itele -Roger taught
Jove Malaj Mome
Kendime -Roger taught
Korobushka -Sally taught
Kreutz Koenig (Kings Cross)
Lesnoto (slow)
Louky (low key)-Russ taught
Macedonka (Mas. syrto) Russ
Misrelou -Sally taught
Raca -Roger taught
Rustemul -Sarah taught
Salty Dog Rag -Sarah taught
Shibboleth Basedah -Russ taught
Sweet Girl -Roger taught
Syrto -Roger taught
Tino Mori
Tintintiniminiahen -Russ taught
Trol Dance -Carol taught
Tzadik Katamar
Varsouvienne -Carol taught
Vrapcheto -Roger taught

******************* Dances danced at S.O.N *******************
* dances we danced, + dances taught; March 18, 2000:

*1 Ajde Jano *+40 Macedonka (Mas. syrto) Russ
2 Ali Pasa *41 Manavu
*3 Alunelul (little chesnut) 42 Mayim Mayim
*4 Angus Reel *43 Misrelou -Sally taught
*+5 Armenan Turn 44 Posavki Durmes
*+6 Attepardansen Med Svensen -Sue S. 45 Prekid Kolo -Russ taught
*7 Belasicko Oro *46 Raca -Roger taught
8 Black Nag -Russ taught 47 Road to the Isles -Sarah taught
*9 Ciuleandra *+48 Rustemul -Sarah taught
10 Cotton Eyed Joe *+49 Salty Dog Rag -Sarah taught
11 Dayagim -Roger taught 50 Savial Se Bela Loza -Russ taught
12 Debka Kafrit -Roger taught 51 Scottish Mixer
13 Doublebska Polka *52 Setnja
14 Entel Engelska *53 Shibboleth Basedah -Russ taught
*15 Erev Ba 54 Skow (Gustav's)
*16 Floricica -Roger taught 55 Stara Vlanija -Russ taught
*+17 Flying Fish (Hora Haktana) *56 Sweet Girl -Roger taught
*18 Hambo *57 Syrto -Roger taught
19 Harmonica -Sally taught *+58 Tino Mori
20 Hashual -Russ taught *59 Tintintiniminiahen -Russ taught
21 Hoi Ja Kka 60 Tretur Fra Fana (3 pretzel)
22 Hole in the Wall 61 Troika -Sarah taught
23 Hora Agadati *+62 Trol Dance -Carol taught
24 Hora de mina -Russ taught 63 Ve David
15 Hora Haktana -Roger taught *64 Tzadik Katamar
25 Isar Winkel *65 Varsouvienne -Carol taught
*26 Itele -Roger taught 66 Vossarul
27 Jacob's Ladder -Russ taught 67 Vranjanka
*28 Jove Malaj Mome *68 Vrapcheto -Roger taught
*29 Kendime -Roger taught 69 Waltz
30 Kleine Vogel Leit (The Bird) 70 Zemer Atik
31 Koldodi
*32 Korobushka -Sally taught
33 Kimberley Waltz
*34 Kreutz Koenig (Kings Cross)
35 Lacodalmi Tanc -Russ taught
36 Lalica -Russ taught
*37 Lesnoto (slow)
38 Lesnoto (fast)
*39 Louky (low key)-Russ taught

Date: Thu, 09 Mar 2000 18:51:46 -0700

Subject: 2nd Anniversary Folkdance!

All folkdancers and friends everywhere!
We've reached our second anniversary of monthly folkdancing, and we're
celebrating on March 18 at the Sons of Norway with an extra hour of
dance time, and refreshments to boot! We have the hall from 6:30 to
10:30 that night, and we have special permission to bring finger food
(that means nothing messy, and nothing requiring utensils!) Punch will
be provided. Will someone volunteer a jug with a spigot to dispense the
punch from? I don't have one. Please let me know.

Bring your friends and come dance!

One other note, I still need to hear from people who want to dance for
the residents of the Prestige Assisted Living Center on Friday March 31
for an hour. We have great pictures from the last time, of both
performers and audience enjoying themselves immensely.

See you next Saturday!