Date: Sat, 13 May 2000 06:58:14 -0600

Subject: Thanks for last night!

Dear Sarah, Roger, and Connie (as being the only 3 who came last night who have e-mail),

**Thank You** so much for the great time last night!!  Of such evenings are memories made.  My new goal is that every
dance should give me at least one  "Kodak moment"--a mental snapshot to take home with me and live forever.  Last
night's was the little brown calves frolicking in the field, with the low sun shining on them.  The ambience was
unbeatable.  Folkdancing at its finest. 

Connie, I'm so glad you came--I know it took some extra effort, and I appreciate it.  You looked happy :)

Roger, here's your assignment:  Whenever you hear "Go, Roger!" in a way you don't like, make a point of remembering
that there's a little girl in Kalispell who thinks you're the bee's knees (that's the same thing as thinking you're
the cat's meow--that means you're the coolest, neatest, the greatest thing since sliced bread).  There has to be a
psychological word for it, but just substitute that 3-year-old voice in your head for the voice you're hearing, and
remember the setting in which you heard it. That should be enough to override the unpleasantness of the moment.
Tell Donna we missed her.

Sarah, a special thank you more than I can say for letting us use your house and yard--nay, your *home*--for this
special get-together.  Haven't seen my parents yet this morning but I think they had a good time.

Maybe that gargantuan earthworm was worth a mental snapshot too  :)

Good luck with your rehearsal today, Sarah, and with your concert tomorrow.  I don't know if I can make the concert,
but my heart will be there.

See you next week--I'm primed and ready to go!