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Cagary Folkdance Workshop with Edwidge Munn

November 10, ll, 12, 2000

Nine dances were taught by Edwidge:

Dance Country/Style
Friday Night Mixer French Canadian
Romska Gajda Romanian(Gypsy)/Macedonia
Moj Dragane(My Sweetheart) Lika, Croatia
Polka Dot Scotland
Jiana Transylvania, Romanian
Vlasko (long version) Serbia
Vlasko Za Pojas East Serbia
Sila Kale Bal Serbian Gypsy
Agir Halay Turkey
Jocul Zestrei Romania

Sally, Sarah, Jackie, Russ, Roger drove up to Calgary in Sarah's Volvo

(All the pictures you see have been captured from video tape.)

Friday night request dances:

Friday night Mixer French Canadian
Aluneul Romania
Somogy karakazo Hungary
Triti Puti Bulgaria
La Bastringue French Canadian
Padjusko Bulgaria
Troika Russia
Neve Midbar Israel
Circle Csardas (Kor Csardas) Hungary
Kol Honehama Hungary
Romska Gajda Romanian(Gypsy)/Macedonia
Bavno Oro Macedonia
Tino Mori Macedonia
Sandansko Macedonia
Bufc^ansko Macedonia
Dobrudzanska Reka Bulgaria
Ma Navu Israel
An Dro Retourne France/Brittany
Lesnoto Macedonia
Od Lo Ahavti di

The scene above and to the far left are from Folkdance Fridays usual dance melded together with a few dances taught by Edwidge. Above, Russ and Jackie Z are dancing Circle Csardas (Kor Csardas) - a traditional Hungarian folk dance, the name derived from csárda (old Hungarian term for tavern).
The dance to the immediate left is Od lo Ahavti di, Isralie – means: "I haven't Yet Loved" The Refrain:My love is incomplete.
But the wind and the sun are still on my face.
My words are incomplete
Oh when shall they come together?

So ended our first night in Calgary

After a long day of learning dances from Edwidge we went to the Istanbul Cafe for dinner. Out of the blue a belly dancer came to our table and just happened to invite Russ to dance with her.

Saturday Night Party:

Not particularly done in this order

Tzadik Katamar
Hole in the Wall
Od lo Ahavti Di
Sweet girl
Romska Gajda
Friday Night Mixer
Moj Dragane
Sabrali sa se Sabrali
Jove male Mome
Erev Ba
vlasko za Pojas
Sila Kale Bal
Polka Dot
Dospatsko Oro
Friday Night Mixer
Friday Night Mixer
Vlasko za Pojas
Friday Night Mixer
Sila Kale Bal
Sila Kale Bal
Polka Dot
Sabrali sa se Sabrali

Sunday Morning warmups

To see the dances: Vordarki Oro, Vidinsko Horo, and Cimpoi; just click on the pictures. YouTube will open and play.

Helen is a great dancer, she led Vordarki Oro. The music to this dance is from Silverstring Macedonian Band 1973 -Bay Records.
Helen has her own web page: Helen's Yiddish Dance Page Dances of The Jews of Eastern Europe.
Julie, Edwidge, Jo, Ann
They had just danced "Vidinsko Horo" a Vlach dance from NW Bulgaria - An Incredible dance! Music from: Bulgarian Folk Dances with Yves Moreau - Vol 4 Introduced by Yves Moreau. Julie Delarue leading. (Didn't get beginning and an abrupt ending when battery died.)
Edwidge was kind enough to perform Cimpoi for my Video camera. The music is from: Gypsy Camp (Jocuri Populare Rominesti) Volume 1

After the warm ups, we learned two more dances: Agir Halay from Turkey, and Jocul Zestrei from Romania

This workshop was an inspiration to all of us.