Here are the dances we did January 27, 2001. Got most of them, perhaps
a few missing or out of order.

A lot of begining dancers. The end of the evening we were interspersing
dances taught with requests. Seemed to work as there were more people
toward the end than usual. That way a "harder/tricky" dance for the
beginers is a chance to be entertained or inspired and then a chance
for a new dance to sink in.

1 Tzadik Katamar - Saraha taught
v v
2 Ceresna - Russ taught, a new dance to us. Border dance? Rum./Mas.
Russ I remember doing this at the Steam and Stomp, I thought it was
like the begining of Vlashko -three steps then three lifts-...

3 Zemer Atik - Sarah taught
v v
4 Ples Kavac - Another new one Russ taught us. From where Russ? What
was the first step?
5 Alunelul
6 Legnala Danca - Russ taught. From...
7 Korobushka - Sarah taught
8 Road to the Isles - Sarah taught, Start with LEFT foot!
9 Salty Dog Rag

Break 8:30 (about)

10 Jove Malaj Mome
11 Troll Dance - took some time figuring this out.
12 Setnja
13 Erev Ba -Rebecka taught, danced it twice.
14 Sila Kal Bal
15 Jiana - 2 times, it's fun and ease enough to learn on the fly.
16 Tzadik Katamar
17 Vlashko
18 Ceresna
19 Jacobs Ladder
20 Louky
21 Hombo
22 Dodi Li
23 Sestorka - Needs work