Date: Thu, 08 Feb 2001
From: Sally
Subject: It's Folkdance Time Again! :-)

Hello! It's about that time again! Folkdancing is next Saturday, Feb. 17
from 7-10 at the Sons of Norway. The people who went to the Steam & Stomp
at Boulder will be sharing what they learned there as well as what they
learned in Calgary in November, as well as dancing all the great stuff
already in the repertoire!

Also, for those who don't know, there's a Chickenhouse dance this Saturday
the 10th from 5:00 on, call Russ

Calendar comin' up:
March 31 is our next dance (yes, please note it's a loooong time between the
Feb & March dances, that's when I could get the hall, so you might want to
think about a Chickenhouse dance between those two times). Also note that
the March dance marks our THIRD ANNIVERSARY! Yippee! Think about bringing
some tasty, delectable fingerfood (I'll have to get permission first but
I'll let you know) and wearing something festive to mark the date. :-) :-)

April 28
May 19
after that the calendar is not set yet.

also in February, come to the Glacier Orchestra performance on Feb. 24 in
Whitefish or Feb 25 in Kalispell to hear OUR OWN ROBIN HOK play some of the
most fantabulous piano music as the guest performer! Get more details from
the Glacier Orchestra office (it's in the phone book) or from Sarah

And coming up in March the Glacier Chorale is singing music from "beyond the
Danube" and will include some Hungarian, Russian, and Scandinavian songs
including dance music. There may be some dances performed at that one too,
but I'm not sure. Sue Sande will know that.

So that's all the news for the moment! Come dance!


Date: Sun, 11 Feb 2001
From: Russ
Subject: Re: What dances did ya do?

Hi Roger,

Not much was done, as the first hour
I waited by myself. Then, the only one
to show was Jackie Zelman at 6:00.
We worked a little on several things,
Kor Csardas, Vlasko, Gerakina, Karagouna,
Svekravino Oro. She then gave it up, and
so did I, about 7:30 and I went to the house.
At about 8:30 or so, Chris & Rebecca showed
so we went back out and worked on Makezice-
Bela Rada, Vlasko, a little of Cetnorno Shopsko
Horo, Karagouna and Gerakina again and did
Belasicko. That was about it. I think if we cont-
inue, the 5:00 may be too early and just make it
7:00. Of course, the hardcores could come early
if they want.