17th Dance

Mon, 19 Nov 2001

Hi Roger,

The dance Saturday went quite well. We had four new people to make a
total of 13 - 14 I think. After the low turnout, it seemed like a lot of people.
Chris & Rebecca came after I sent them a message asking if they were
alive. They and Jackie and I went to Finnegans afterward.
I asked my neighbor about the pickup, and he sounded interested in
selling it. He said he would talk it over with his wife. I think it would go
pretty reasonably as it has quite a lot to be done to it mechanically. It
would be a good candidate for a body/box swap. You can look at it if
you want. Also, the same guy has a Buick like the one you had. It has
10,000 mi. on an overhaul and he said he would sell for about $1000. The
only thing he said was that it used some oil ever since the overhaul and
he thinks it is from the high output oil pump he had put in. It probably
pumps so much oil on top, that the seals don't hold it all back.
We decided to dance after all on Sat. 24th. Enough said they would
be interested to make it worthwhile.