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From: Roger
To: Russ
Sent: Thursday, December 20, 2001
Subject: December 15th dances

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> Seasons Greetings to you all.
> Our last dance December 15th, started off slow, with just Russ, Linda
> and myself. We reviewed Cimpoi and Bufcansko. Russ worked on remembering
> Vrni Se Vrni a Macedonian dance. Then Russ and I compared
> Fatise Kolo (Let's dance the Kolo) what he remembers the way it's done
> and the way I remember seeing it. I looked it up on the internet and
> found that... It's a traditional Serbian tune from Vranje. The song
> relates to young women from Vranje who dance the Kolo - the traditional
> Serbian dance - around the village fountain. All recognize that Tasha
> is the prettiest one. With its unusual 9/8 rhythm... Well, that's how
> it goes. As more people arrived we stopped the study and began the
> dancing, teaching and reviewing as we went along if necessary:
> Sharma Sheikh -Israel
> Rusi Kosi -Bulgaria
> Bavno Oro -Macedonia
> Itele -Romania -Roger taught it
> Ali Pasa -Turkey
> Ciuleandra -Romania
> Stara Vlanja -Serbian -Russ taught it
> Harmonica -Israel -a spirited dance, thanks Ruth
> Mairi's Wedding -Scotland
> Maxwell's Rant - Scotland - We were encouraged on doing Mairi's
> Wedding without a hitch we tried this new one. Russ,and
> the Neffs taught it.
> Sonderhonig -Danish -couple dance -the Neffs taught
> Ada's kujawiak #1 -couple dance -Russ review/taught (coo-WHA-ve-ack)
> Cimpoi -Romania
> Ma Navu -Israel
> Erev Ba -Israel -last dance, 10 o'clock.
> See you this Saturday, December 22nd, 7-10PM
> Roger