We had a great time at the December 22nd dance.

We started slow and easy and progressed to more challenging dances toward
the end. Most all of the dances were taught first.

1 Kendime -Turkey
2 Ersko Kolo -Serbia
3 Ais Georgis -Turkish
4 Srbijanka -Serbia
5 Setna -Serbia
6 Ve David -Israel
7 Korobushka -Russia
8 Hombo -Sweden
9 Zemer Atik -Israel
10 Kritikos Syrtos -Greek
11 Road To The Isles -Scotland
12 Doudlebska Polka -Slovakia
13 Mairi's Wedding -Scotland

Repeated 1-7 one after another with no review or teaching.

21 Sharma Sheikh -Israel
22 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
23 Cimpoi -Romania
24 Harmonica -Israel
25 Makazice/Bela Rada -Serbia
26 Ada's Kujawiak -Poland -Kujawiak is pronounced: Coo-YA-vee-ak
27 Erev Ba -Israel -last dance 10PM

Next weeks dance is in question as there is a wedding reception there in the
afternoon. We aren't sure it'll be over by 7. Then the following Saturday
the 5th of January another event might be taking place. It seems the next
clear time we can dance, for sure, is January the 12th. Anyway, we will
keep you all informed for sure as the week goes along with the latest
information, and possible chicken house dance, because three weeks is too
long to go with out dancing.

Merry Christmas