Dances we did at the Salvation Army Gym January 5th 2002:

Russ and I worked on,
1. Sirba Din Saltina -from Romania, before anyone arrived. Linda was the
first then Marvin. The evening total of 14. Present also were Sandy,
Jackie K., Sarah, Robin, Jon, Connie, Cris and Rebecca, Don and Rose.
Sarah hadn't been for a while and requested many intermediate/advanced
dances, so we indulged.:-)

The Gym, by the way for those who have yet to attend our dances, is unlike
most gyms you have ever seen. The sound quality of the room is excellent
due to the extensive use of fabric in the room. It's a full basketball
court in size but where the bleachers would go is, on one side, a raised
stage with its curtain. Opposite is a large carpeted room, (the chapel)
that can be and usually is partitioned off with a curtain. (Before The
Salvation Army bought the building it used to be a Mormon Church.) The
ceiling is high as gyms are, but running around the ceiling are fabric
panels, again adding to the great acoustics. The ceiling is not flat but
a rounded peek, supported with huge glue lambs. We have been dancing under
a huge holiday decoration that resembles a star, with the center of the
room as the focus and radiating out toward the sides and corners the
arms/points go. To night it was lit up, those white Christmas lights
inside the arms. One of the nicest places I personally have ever danced
and at 2 dollars per person, you can't beat it. Also, we teach or review
all the dances, some places don't. Depending on who shows up, the
dances begin easy, toward the end become more challenging, always we strive
to help you to learn the dances. We will intersperse a easy dance with
a more aerobic one.

2. Lagnala Dana -Macedonia -Russ taught
3. Ersko Kolo -Serbia -Russ taught
4. Road to the Isles -Scotland
5. Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
6. Ma Navu -Israel
7. Vlasko -Bulgaria
8. Misirlou -Greek American
9. Zemer Atik -Israel
10 Jacob's Ladder -Israel
11 Bucimis -Bulgaria
12 Korobushka -Russia
Bucimis, again after a run through of the 5 figures.
13 Lakodalmi Tanc -Hungary -Russ taught
14 Cimpoi -Romania -reviewed first
Cimpoi again
15 Mairi's Wedding -Scotland -We had enough for one set of 4 and one
set of 3. Our trouble with this dance is the confusing nature
of the Hays -or interweaving figure eight pattern -that to
one not well acquainted with the pattern will end up lost
in the shuffle. We'll put Mairi on the shelf for awhile and
work on a less confusing, to the uninitiated, dance called
Poka Dot. I'm sure we had Mairi spinning in his grave.:-)
16 Bufcansko -Macedonia
17 Tzadik Katimar -Israel
18 Prekid Kolo -Serbia -Russ taut
19 Ve David -Israel
Ve David again cause we were having so much fun.
20 Alunelul -Romania
21 Makazice/Bela Rada -Serbia -We pooped out toward the middle of Bela
22 Erev Ba -Israel
23 Doublebska Polka -Czechoslovakia
24 Serba Din Cimpoi -Romania
25 Vranjanka -Serbia
26 Sestorka -Serbia
27 Rustemul -Romania
28 A Cake Walk -a Russ original, done to, "The Entertainer" -American
29 Me Go Zatorille -Macedonia

So that was it, another jam packed evening of exotic dances from
distant lands.

See you all next Saturday the 12th of January. 7 to 10PM.