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I need a memory jog of Karamfil, please.


Dances we did January 12, 2002

First of all we welcome Marlys, Mark & Cindy; newcomers to folk dance.
Mark and Cindy brought their three year old along and he had fun playing
with the preschool toys, at the end of the gym. Children are welcome to
our group as long as they are well behaved, he was.
Russ, Jackie, Linda, Sandy, Marvin, Don & Rose, myself.

1. Kendime -from Turkey. Pinky hold. Walking in line, starting with R foot,
walk 4 steps. Turn slightly, (like you were facing toward the
center if we were dancing in a circle.) Step R ft to side, touch L
to R then step L ft to side, touch R to L. Repeat dance until the
music ends.

2. Srbijanka -from Serbia. Hands held down at sides. Walking in line.
Starting with R foot, walk 2 steps. Turn slightly, (like above)
touch L to R foot, then step L with L foot, touch R to L foot.
Continue this way until you hear the change in the music, then
you reverse and using the same steps travel in the opposite
direction. The leader spirals the line into the center of the
circle, or out.

3. Ais Georgis -from Greece. Hands held down. Walking in line. Starting
with R foot, walk 5 steps. Turn slightly (like the previous two
dances) touch L to R foot, then step L with L foot, touch R to
L foot. Step R foot to center and touch L to R foot. Back out
Starting with the L foot, 5 steps. Touch R to L foot. Repeat
dance until the music ends. This dance is about the children
who found the dead Turk down by the St Gerogis River...La La La
La La. Think about Grims fairy tales! Before we had radio and
mass media, all we had was story telling, music and dancing.

So for the beginners, three dances from three different parts
of the world, all having very similar steps. No problem, right?

4. Ve David -from Israel. A couple dance, done in a circle. Men on the
inside, women on the outside, holding hands about chest high.

5. Zimer Atik -from Israel. Circle dance. L hand palm up above your left
shoulder, R hand palm down, on top of the upturned palm of the
person in front of you. Starting on the R foot, walk 4 steps.
Step to the side with the R foot and clap twice, then step to
the side (into the circle) with the L foot and clap once.
Repeat the whole dance 3 more times, then turn slightly, facing
the center, with the R foot step diagonally forward R at the same
time snapping your fingers. With the L foot step diagonally
forward L snapping your fingers. Then back out starting R
L,R then L next to R. Repeat this into the center part 3
more times. Ok, that's the whole dance, just repeat the entire
thing until the music ends.

6. Jacobs Ladder -from Israel. This is done in line, hands down.
There's 2 parts, the box step and the double reverse. Halfway
through the dance the music speeds up, the steps remain the same
just faster.

If you would like more details about any dances let me know. These notes
are intended as a memory jog. The more complex a dance the longer the

That concluded the beginning dance lesson. We repeated the 6 dances again
with brief review.

7. Setnja -Serbia. Line dance. Formal hand hold, that is, L hand is on
hip, person behind holds onto inside of elbow with R hand, their
L hand on hip...etcetera. When music speeds up drop to holding
hands, the walk turns to a skip.


8. Kritiko Syrtos - Greek
9. Armenian Turn -Armenia
10 Ali Pasha -Turkey
11 Sharma Sheikh -Israel
12 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
13 Vlashko -Bulgaria
14 Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria
15 Karamfil -Macedonia -This is a new dance. Russ taught it.
16 Cimpoi -Romania