Dances we did January 19, 2002

We had a good group of a total of 14 for the evening. Some who haven't
been for a while was nice to see again and one who is usually there but
was missed. Sarah brought along some friends, Gina and Greg, I hope
they had a good time; they did very well, international folk dance was brand
new to them.

1. Kendime -Turkish
2. Sweet Girl -Turkish -Pinky hold. Arms up, W position. Traveling in
line, starting with R foot, step one step -leave your L at home,
do a quick rock R L R. Step with your L foot continuing to
travel in line and do the same rock step L R L. *Does this jog
your memory enough to start with? This dance continues on with
the arms swinging down and back up as your body turns to face
out as you R foot steps behind you clap once.
3. Misirlou -Greek
4. Jacob's Ladder -Israel
5. Zemer Atik -Israel
6. Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria -Arms up, W position (bent at elbow)
A slow grapevine, walk in line, R L. Step to the side with
the R, turning to face "center," step behind your R foot with
your L foot. Step to the side with your R foot and lift
your L foot bending at the knee. (like a string was pulling
at your knee, below your knee is relaxed) Foot parallel to the
floor. Put your L foot back down, spaced about your shoulder
width. Lift your R foot as previously described. That's the
dance. Repeat over and over. A very relaxing dance.
7. Ve David -Israel -Couple dance
8. Road To The Isles -Scottish -Couple dance
9. Dashing White Sargent -Scottish -We had 4 sets of 3.
10 Kritikos Syrtos -Greek
11 Sharma Sheikh -Israel (twice)
12 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
13 Karapyet -Russia -A couple dance -New, Russ taught.
14 Vlashko -From the Vlach population in N.W. Bulgaria
15 Jiana -Romania -Back basket hold
16 Karamfil -Macedonia -Worked on this one, Russ taught.
The count is SQQ, (slow quick quick). Two parts,
the first part is done four times. The second part
has the same steps basically moving into the center and
out again ending with a turn. The second part is done
17 Sila Kale Bal -Gypsy Bulgarian
18 Cimpoi -Romania -Worked on this one, Roger taught
19 Varys Hasapikos -Greek -New dance to us, Russ taught
20 Ma Navu