Hi everyone,

Dances we danced February 16, 2002.

Russ, Jackie, Linda, Marvin, Diana, Connie and myself.

the few, the brave, the few...

1 Vranjanka -Yugoslavia
2 Tzadik Katamar -Israel, Circle Dance, arms in V-Position. Meter 4/4
3 Legnala Dana -Macedonia
4 Lalica -Bulgaria
5 Macedonka -Yugoslavia
6 Ersko Kolo -Serbia
7 Armenian Turn -Armenia
8 Sweet Girl -Armenia
9 Ta Vilina -Greek
10 Shiboleth Basada -Israel
11 Misirlou -Greek/American (done to Zorba the Greek music) Diana leader
12 Hole in the Wall -A very formal English contra dance. Russ taught
13 Karapyet -Russian couple dance, Russ taught
14 Le Bal Jugon -French couple dance, Varsouvienne hold, meter 2/4
Footwork is the same for men and women. Roger taught.
15 Bannielou Lamboul -French line dance, arms in W-position,
little fingers linked, meter 2/4, One note introduction, move
to your left. (4 logs, pump gas twice,log, pump gas twice,log)
16 Senftenberger -German couple dance, Russ taught
17 Syrtos -Greek
18 Tsamico -Greek
19 Road to the Isles -Scotish couple dance
20 Lepa Moja Milena/Drmacica -Croatia. Review from last week
21 Hora Din Campie -Romania
22 Sabrali se Sabrili -Bulgaria
23 Karamfil -Macedonia (S Q Q)
24 Yankinata -Bulgaria, belt or basket hold.

Last weeks list, where the dances came from:
Ajde Lepa Maro -Serbian line dance, hands in W-Position, Meter 2/4,
Hand windshield wash twice as you step to the R twice.
Then back same thing.
Kendime -Turkey
Bonnielou Lambaul -France
Zemer Atik -Israel
Armenian turn -Armenia
Srbijanka -Serbia
Lepa Moja Milena/Drmacica -Croatia (The one with the shake, bouncebounce)
Rumunjsko Kolo -Serbia
Hora Miresii -Romania
Jiana -Romania
Horehronsky Csardas -Slovakia
Ma Navu -Israel
Setnja -Serbia
Serbia Din Cimpoi -Romania
Triti Pati -Bulgaria
Pajdusko -Bulgaria
Ta Valina -Greek (Bozmanian)

Please note ****No Folk Dancing next Saturday, Feb. 23rd.*****

But the next Saturday Dancing will resume.
Happy Dancing