Folk Dancing at the Salvation Army Gym, March 2, 2002

Hi, to all of you,

Well, speaking for myself I was jazzed. Learned a lot of new
dances at the Steam and Stomp last weekend. I could hardly
contain my enthusiasm. Once Russ and I had set up the equipment
and no one else was there I put on a dance called Gavotte D'honnor.
It's from Brittainy. It's rated a difficult dance, so in weeks
hence, it'll be taught toward the end of the eveneing. I had to
have a go at it tho cause my living room isn't big enough to do
the dance in.
Another dance called, Village Chetvorno, I ran thru as John & Diana
arrived. Diana was learning it on the fly with me.
Jackie, Linda, Marvin, Connie, Don & Rose, Jon & Lauren, Cris & Rebecca
arrived and we had a good group going. Ruth and Sam Neff came later too.
Who am I leaving out Russ?

1 Kortanc 1 (the old one) -Russ taught
2 Novo Zagorsko - a dance we learned last week - from Bulgaria
3 Aino Kchume -not taught just done -from Assyria
4 Guhnega -not taught just done -from Armenia
5 Road to the Isles -Scotland
6 Kortanc 2 (the new one)
7 Kor Csardas -Hungary
8 Sestorka -Serbia
9 Hole in the Wall -English-Russ taught
10 Arap -Macedonia
11 Erev Ba -Israel
12 Karapyet -Russia-Russ taught
13 Sweet Girl -Armenia
14 Dashing White Sargent -English -Russ taught
15 Vlashko -Bulgaria
16 Tzadik Katamar -Israel
17 Jiana -Romania
18 Sabrili Sa Se Sabrili -Bulgaria
19 Belasicko Oro -Macedonia
20 Gavotte d'Honnor -(thanks for being patient everyone)
21 Lepa Moja Milena/Drmacica -Croatia
22 Horehronsky Csardas -Hungary
23 Sestorka (again)
24 Pajdusko -Bulgaria
25 Korobushka -Russia
26 Harmonica -Israel -Last dance 10:15.

See you all next week