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Dances we danced at the Salvation Army Gym (SAG) Saturday March 9, 2002

Road to the Isles -Scotland
Novo Zagorsko -Bulgaria
Never on Sunday (did Miserlou to it) -Greek
Salty Dog Rag -American
Nevesto Serinten Dato (still unsure of the spelling of this one)
Robin Ddiog -Welsh
Trind Polska -Finland -this one was done at the S&S, we're working on it.
Kortanc 2 (the "new" one, what is usualy done now-a-days.
Kortanc 1 (the "old" one, very different)
Kritikos Syrtos -Greek
Gerakina -Greek
Bonnielou Lambaol -Brittany
Kol Dodi -Israel
Lepa Moja Milena/Darmacica -Croatia
Nevesto Serinten Dato
Senftenberger -German? Russ taught
Setnja -Serbia
Ma Navu -Israel -Done to Ta'am Haman's music
Karamfil -Macedonia
Kohqnoteha -Russian -Russ taught
Ajde Jano -Serbia
Bufcansko -Macedonia
Poka Dot
Ali Pasha -Turkey
Harmonica -Israel
Ta'am Haman -The Neffs almost remembered how to do this. It's a couple
dance. Has three parts to it.
Arap -Macedonia
Erev Ba -Israel -Last dance

Present, Russ, Jackie, Diana and John, Marvin, Cris and Rebecca. Sam and
Ruth came after Kohqnoteha when Russ/we, were trying to figure out how to
do an odd set of 5, like in Poka Dot.

Till next week,


PS, Last week's list, here was the order:

Kortanc 1 (the old one) -Russ taught
Novo Zagorsko - a dance we learned last week - from Bulgaria
Aino Kchume -not taught just done -from Assyria
Guhnega -not taught just done -from Armenia
Road to the Isles -Scotland
Kortanc 2 (the new one)
Kor Csardas -Hungary
Sestorka -Serbia
Hole in the Wall -English-Russ taught
Arap -Macedonia
Erev Ba -Israel
Karapyet -Russia-Russ taught
Sweet Girl -Armenia
Dashing White Sargent -English -Russ taught
Vlashko -Bulgaria
Tzadik Katamar -Israel
Jiana -Romania
Sabrili Sa Se Sabrili -Bulgaria
Belasicko Oro -Macedonia
Gavotte d'Honnor -(thanks for being patient everyone)
Lepa Moja Milena/Drmacica -Croatia
Horehronsky Csardas -Hungary
Sestorka (again)
Pajdusko -Bulgaria
Korobushka -Russia
Harmonica -Israel -Last dance 10:15, what dance's did I miss?:-(

Road to the Isles
Kortanc 1 & 2
Kor Csardas