Hello fellow folk dancers,

The dances we did March 30, 2002:

1 Setnja -Sirbia
2 Plaka Hasapikos -Greek -Roger taught
3 Nevesto Carven Trendafil -Bulgaria
4 Robin Ddiog (Lazy Robin) -Welsh
5 Trind Polska -Finland
6 Novo Zagorsko -Bulgaria
7 Kopacka -Macedonia -Russ taught -There are two parts to
this dance, the 1st is the slow easy part: Dimna Jada, Mamo;
this is the one Russ taught. The 2nd part is very fast and
tricky: Dervisko, Visko mome.
8 Aino Kchume -Assyrian

Dances 2-8 and #20 -Bicak, are dances picked up at the Steam and
Stomp, that many of us went to last month.

9 At Ve'ani -Israel
10 Jiana -Romania
11 Moja Diri Dika -Croatia
12 Moj Dragane (My Sweetheart) -Croatia -This is a maiden's
walking dance.
13 Vlashko -Bulgaria
14 Mayim -Israel
15 Salty Dog Rag -American
16 Misirlou -Greek/American
17 Pata Pata -South African
18 Louky -Czechoslovikia -Russ taught
19 Hole In the Wall -English
20 Jacob's Ladder -Israel
21 Bicak (Bee Chack) -Bulgaria -Cris and Rebecca taught
22 Chiotikos -Greek -Cris taught
23 Sylivrianos Syrtos -Greek
24 Serba Din Cimpoi -Romania
25 Baldazka -Bulgaria
26 Me Go Zatvoille -Macedonia

Present were: Russ, Jackie, Diana & John, Linda, Jackie V and
her daughters, Marvin, Sarah, Missy, Don & Rose, Cris & Rebecca,

See you all next week