Dances we did April 27, 2002 at the SAG

(Not neccessarily done in this order)

Legnala Dana -Macedonia
Jacob's Ladder
Jove Malj Mome
Senftenberger -German
Road to the Isles
Glencar Reel
Guhnega -Turkey
Plaka Hasapikos
Novo Zagorsko
Karamfil -Macedonia
Nevesto Carven Trendafil
Loahaovti Dai
Andro Returne
Kortanc 1 and 2
Horehronsky Csardas

We discussed bringing videos to learn from.

Cris and Rebbeca weren't there because they had just about
two or three weeks befor bought a house.

Jon and Laurn wern't there, Jon hurt his back.

Sarah wasn't there, she had a concert to do.

Present were:
1 Russ
2 Jackie
3 Linda
4,5 John and Diana
6 Missy
7 Sheri -Linda's clogging friend
8 Roger