Dances of August 17, 2002

1 Briul De La Fagaras -Romania -review/teaching
2 Nevesto Carven Trendafil -Pirin, Bulgaria
3 Hora -Israel -Russ taught both line and couple versions
4 Kendime -Turkey
5 Shar Planina -Macedonia -Russ taught
6 Robin Ddiog -Welsh
7 La Bastringue -French/Canadian
8 Jiana -Romania
Repeat 3-8
9 Jovano Jovanke -Macedonia
10 Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanum -Turkey -reviewed 1st
11 Hambo -Sweden
12 Plaka Hasapikos -Greek
13 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
14 Rustemul -Romania -reviewed 1st
15 Galaonal De La Birca -Romania -2x
16 Hora Din Campi -Romania (meanwhile Jon taught Larissa #15)
17 Joc de Leagane -Romania
18 Pidhichtos Banas -(PEE-deek-tos BAH-nas) -Greece (North Thrace/
Greek Macedonia) -Roger taught those interested, just by danceing it.
19 Yankinata -Bulgaria

1 Russ
2 Larissa
3 Jake &
4 Terresa -from near Lawrence, Kansas
5 Marvin
6 Missy
7 Jackie V
8 Jackie's daughter Elsa
9 friend
10 Jon
11 Connie
12 Roger

International Folk Dancing next Saturday, August 24th, 7-10PM,
Salvation Army Gym.

Also for those interested in learning how to Clog, beginning
lessons start September 10th, upstairs in the Eagles Club,