Dances of 11-23-2002:

        1  Ajde Jano 					Serbia
        2  Zemer Atik /Nigun Atik (Ancient Melody) 	Israel R. Shturman; 1962
        3  Ve David 					Israel
        4  Srbijanka 					Serbia
        5  Seven Jumps (for the kids)			Denmark
        6  Sweet Girl 					Armenia
        7  Setnja 					Serbia
        8  Robin Ddiog (Idle Robin or Lazy Robin) 	Wales
        9  Jiana 					Transylvania, Romania

Surprise party for Russ.  Sang happy birthday, ate cake and other goodies that were brought.  

Thanks to everyone for being sneaky!
Back row, LtoR Shirley, Ray, Bob, Sam, Don, Jackie, Rose, Cris, Russ, Larissa, Jon,
Front Row, LtoR Lauren, Debbie, Rene, Tony, Bridget, Missy, Roger
Ruth took the picture

        REPEAT 1 - 9

        10 Yankinata 					Bulgaria
        11 Nabrala  					Medimurje, Croatia 3 times with review
        12 Spanish Circle Waltz 					Russ taught
        13 Mana'a vu; How beautiful; 			Israel 		Rivka Sturman
        14 Kritikos Syrtos 				Greek
        15 Jove Malaj Mome 				Bulgaria
        16 Hambo 						Sweden
        17 Bela Rada/Makazice 				Serbia
        18 Mairi's Wedding 				Scotland
        19 Hatzisteryos (Dervenaghas) 			East Macedonia, Vlachs
        20 Devojko Mari Hubava 				Rhodopes, Bulgaria
        21 Danec 					Dobrudza, Bulgaria


        International Folk Dance,
        Saturday, November 30, will be at the Salvation Army Gym, again as usual. 7 to 10pm.
        The December 14th dance we will be dancing in Columbia Falls.

        The next Contra Dance, at the Creston Grange Hall, will be Friday, December 6, 2002.
        The dance is at 8:00, with the beginners' workshop at 7:30.
        The cost is $6 each for adults, $3 each for teenagers (1318), and kids 12 and under are free.
        The dance is put on by Contra Dance Flathead
        Learn to Clog: No partner needed, meet every Tuesday, upstairs Eagles Club. Beginning lessons start at 5:30.
        Contact Carla for more information 7527919.

        Learn to do Western Line dance, meet every Thursday at the Sons of Norway, 6:30pm, $3.00.

        The Steam and Stomp 2003, will be Saturday noon to Sunday afternoon. February 22, 23. Boulder, Montana.

        Looking way ahead, there is a Yves Moreau Workshop Featuring dances from Bulgaria, the Balkans, French
        Canada and more!  In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan.  March 7,8 and 9, 2003.
        The full workshop is $50.00 Canadian funds.

        Present tonight were:

        1  Russ brought his grandson Kenny
        2  Joseph and
        3  Larissa (and their two kids Jeremiah and Leah)
        4  Dan Larissa's dad, daughters Shava and Meged
        5  Shava
        6  Meged
        7  Jackie
        8  Missy
        9  Tony
        10 Jon and
        11 Lauren
        12 Cris
        13 Bridget
        14 Don and
        15 Rose
        16 Ray and
        17 Shirley first time International folk dancing
        18 Rene Missy's friend also first time
        19 Sam and
        20 Ruth
        21 Debbie
        22 Bob
        23 Roger

         Till next time!