Dances of December 7, 2002. At the Deer Park School, 7-11 PM
(Note change where we'll dance next Saturday, in Kila)

*1 Devojko Mari Hubava -Rhodopes, Bulgaria
*2 Bar -Armenian community in USA
*3 Danec -Dobrudza, Bulgaria -Roger taught, danced it two times.
Sequence of Danec (very very brief description):
Fig 1 -Hand hold in back. LOD 16. Into center...
Fig 2 -Into center "bloop bloop step" back out,turn.
Fig 3- Moving left, Rt leg extended.
Fig 4- Into center, hip, back out, hip; to side...

Fig 1 -3x; Fig 2 -2x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 4 -1x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 4 -1x
Fig 1 -1x; Fig 2 -2x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 1 -1x (14 counts, stamp RLR)

*4 Romski Cacak -From Serbian community in Bronx, N.Y.
5 Sirba din Slatina -Romania
6 Sweet Girl -Armenia
7 Karagouna -Greek
8 Harmonica -Israel -danced it once then Ruth taught, danced again.
9 Circassian Circle -Scottish -Russ taught
*10 Balta Dreapta -Romania
11 Mairi's Wedding -Scotland -danced it once then taught it to
those that didn't know it.
12 Arap -Macedonia
13 Satovcensko Horo -Pirin, Bulgaria
14 Postie's Jig -Scotland -Russ taught/reviewed. Danced it 2 times.
15 Novo Zagorsko -Bulgaria
16 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel -Dobrogea, Romania
17 Teen -Armenian-Kurdish
18 Sabrali sa se Sabrali -Rhodopes, Bulgaria
19 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
20 Mi Go Zatvorille -Bozmanian (Russ's version)
*21 Indinski (Pajov) Cocek -Macedonian, Gypsy
22 Rustemul -Romania
23 Cetvorno Sopsko Horo -Sopluk, Bulgaria
24 Tino Mori -Macedonia
*25 Ripna Maca -Bulgaria
*26 Kabadayi -Kirklareli region, Western Turkey
*27 Nabrala - Medimurje, Croatia
*28 Dimitrija -Pirin, Bulgaria
*29 Hatzisteryos (Dervenaghas) -East Macedonia, Vlachs
*30 Vlashko III -N W Bulgaria -Severnjashko region
31 Vidinsko Horo -Vlach, NW Bulgaria
32 Avrameanca- Moldavia, Romania
33 Mindrele- Oltenia, Romania

* are the ones Larissa, Cris and myself learned in Calgary from
Edwidge Munn, last month.

International Folk Dance,

The December 14th dance we will be dancing at the Kila school
gym, like we did last October 19, 2002. Dancing starts at 7
till 11 PM, or so. Kila is about 8 miles from Kalispell down Hyw 2
heading for Libby. Watch for the sign that says KILA and turn
left down the road about a mile or so. The school is right on the
right side of the road (uphill side). You'll see the play ground

The next Contra Dance, at the Creston Grange Hall, will be
Friday, January 3, 2003.
The dance is at 8:00, with the beginners' workshop at 7:30.
The cost is $6 each for adults, $3 each for teenagers (13-18),
and kids 12 and under are free.
The dance is put on by Contra Dance Flathead.

Learn to Clog: No partner needed, meet every Tuesday, upstairs
Eagles Club. Beginning lessons start at 5:30. Contact Carla
for more information 752-7919.

Learn to do Western Line dance, meet every Thursday at the
Sons of Norway, 6:30pm, $3.00.

The Steam and Stomp 2003, will be Saturday noon to Sunday
afternoon. February 22, 23. Boulder, Montana. At the Bolder Hot

Looking way ahead, there is a Yves Moreau Workshop -Featuring
dances from Bulgaria, the Balkans, French Canada and more!
In Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. March 7,8 and 9, 2003. The full
workshop is $50.00 Canadian funds.
Present tonight were:

1 Russ
2 Larissa
3 Jon &
4 Lauren
5 Tony
6 Brigitte -Thank You Brigitte for getting use of the Gym!
7 Jackie
8 Don &
9 Rose
10 Cris
11 Missy
12 Sam &
13 Ruth
14 Marvin
15 Roger

I want to thank Russ for Bulk e-mailing this list for me, for
what seems like years now. On December 5, Yahoo Mail will no longer
support my browser (Netscape 3.0), so instead of going out and buying
a new computer or software, I changed my e-mail address.
It can bulk e-mail. So if there are any comments about this dance
list/newsletter, let me know

Till next time!