Hi,              December 14, 2002.  at Kila School

        *1  Devojko Mari Hubava -Rhodopes, Bulgaria
         2  Sirba pe Loc -Romania
         3  Vidinsko Horo -Vlach, NW Bulgaria
         4  Dajcovo Horo/Zizaj Nane -Bulgaria -Worked on, ZAHD ko-LEH-no (behind the knee), and PRED ko-LEH-no (over the
		knee). Trying to get the timing down especially the part after Zahd and Pred ko-Leh-no, so the figures
		fit the phrasing of the music.
         5  Sirba din Cimpoi -Romania -Larissa taught Luke -slowed music down.
         6  Arap -Macedonia
        *7  Dimitrija -Pirin, Bulgaria
         9  Mindrele- Oltenia, Romania
        *10 Danec -Dobrudza, Bulgaria -danced it two times.  Sequence of Danec (very very brief description):
         Fig 1 -Hand hold in back. LOD 16. Into center...
         Fig 2 -Into center "bloop bloop step" back out,turn.
         Fig 3- Moving left, Rt leg extended.
         Fig 4- Into center, hip, back out, hip; to side...

        16 count intro,
        Fig 1 -3x; Fig 2 -2x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 4 -1x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 4 -1x
        Fig 1 -1x; Fig 2 -2x; Fig 3 -1x; Fig 1 -1x (14 counts, stamp RLR)

        *11 Nabrala - Medimurje, Croatia
         12 Preplet -Serbia  -Russ taught
         13 Dospatsko Oro -Rhodopes, Bulgaria
         14 Cetvorno Sopsko Horo -Sopluk, Bulgaria
         15 Agir Halay -Turkey
         16 Kulsko -NW Bulgaria
         17 Nevesto Carven Trendafil -Pirin, Bulgaria
         18 Avrameanca- Moldavia, Romania
         19 Pembe Oro -Macedonia (PEM-bay oro)
            Sirba din Cimpoi -Romania -up to speed
         20 Floricica -Olteneasca, Romania
         21 Sylivrianos Syrtos -Greek
         22 Gavotte d'Honneur -Brittany
         23 Sestorka from Bela Palanka -Serbia -Russ taught us two versions. The second one, he learned from
		Dick Crum, was more fun.
        *24 Bar -Armenian community in USA
         25 Sestorka -Serbia
         26 Orijent -Serbia
         27 Rusi Kosi -Bulgaria -needs review.
                Balkanton BHA 11134 FD from Bulg. v.2(Jaap Leegwater)
                Side A: 1 Petrunino Horo, 2 Buenek, 3 Karamfil,
                4 Triti Puti ot Strandza, 5 Paidusko Horo, 6 Rusi Kosi,
                7 Neda Voda, 8 Lile, Lile
                Side B: 1 Baluca (Vlaski Tanc), 2 Novozagorksa Racenica,
                3 Pravo Lovesko Horo, 4 Cerkeskata, 5 Mari Marijko,
                6 Glaviniska Kopanica, 6 Kopanica, Glaviniska; 7 Opas.

        *28 Kabadayi -Kirklareli region, Western Turkey
         29 Sej Sej Bob -Dobrudza, Bulgaria (I'd rather follow than lead this one.)
         30 Godecki Cacak -Serbia
         31 Sila Kale Bal -Serbian Gypsy
         32 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
         33 Bavno Oro -Macedonia
         34 Jacob's Ladder (Shulam Yaakou) -Israel
         35 Ripna Maca -Bulgaria
         36 Guhneega -Armenia
         37 Lesnoto Medley -Macedonia, from NAMA 2 ."Arranged by David Owens from four recordings: Oj ti pile; Zalna
		majka; Bitola moj roden kraj; Makedonsko devojce, kitka sarena.  Vocalists Trudy Israel and Susan
		North sing a verse from each of four well known songs." (from the NAMA 2 Syllabus)
        *38 Hatzisteryos (Dervenaghas) -East Macedonia, Vlachs
         39 Makazice/Bela Rada -Serbia -Jon taught
         40 Cimpoi -Romania
         41 Sedi Donka -Bulgaria -bounces, scissors, stomps, slaps, any more?
         42 Plaka Hasapikos -Greek
        *43 Iz Banju Ide -Serbia
        *44 Balta Dreapta -Romania
         45 Mana'a vu; How beautiful; R Shturman; date ? -Israel
        Rivka's last name was spelled Sturman
        * are the ones Larissa, Cris and myself learned in Calgary from
        Edwidge Munn, last month.


        International Folk Dance,
        Saturday, December 21, will be at the
        Salvation Army Gym, again as usual. 7 to 10pm.

        The next Contra Dance, at the Creston Grange Hall, will be Friday, January 3, 2003.
        The dance is at 8:00, with the beginners' workshop at 7:30.
        The cost is $6 each for adults, $3 each for teenagers (13-18),
        and kids 12 and under are free.
        The dance is put on by Contra Dance Flathead
        Learn to Clog: No partner needed, meet every Tuesday, upstairs Eagles Club. Beginning lessons start at 5:30.
	Contact Carla for more information 752-7919.

        Learn to do Western Line dance, meet every Thursday at the Sons of Norway, 6:30pm, $3.00.

        The Steam and Stomp 2003, will be Saturday noon to Sunday afternoon. February 22, 23. Boulder, Montana.
	At the Bolder Hot Springs.

        Yves Moreau Workshop -Featuring dances from Bulgaria, the Balkans, French Canada and more! In Saskatoon,
	Saskatchewan.  March 7,8 and 9, 2003.  The full workshop is $50.00 Canadian funds.
        Present tonight were:

        Luke -Friend of Joseph and Larissa's family, left after Arap, came back during Avrameanca, with Larissa's
		husband Joseph and their two kids); they all left after Sylivrianos Syrtos.
        Jackie -Left after Cetvorno Sopsko Horo
        Jon -Arrived during Rusi Kosi
        Donna -My wife -arrived during Ripna Maca.  Since the accident in which her car was totaled (rear ended by
	a kid going 60 plus,  while she was stopped making a left hand turn! and messing her knee and back up... 
	Upset..."can't prove pain and suffering.") We have only one car.  She dropped me off to dance while she went
	to the wedding reception, interestingly enough, at the Salvation Army Gym -where we usually dance!

        Till next time!