Dances of September 13, 2003 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM

1 C^etvorka -Macedonia -worked on learing this one again
2 Djurdjevka -Serbia -Russ taught
3 Trei Pazeste Batrinesc -Oltenia, Romania
4 Sukac^ko Kolo -Croatia
5 Galaonal de la Birca -Romania
6 Buc^imis^ (means hemlock) (boo-chee-MEESH) -Bulgaria, W. Thrace
7 Rustemul -Romania
8 Road to the Isles -Scotland
9 Vlasko -Vlach, NW Bulgaria (short version)
10 Cimpoi -Romania
11 Sirba pe Loc -Romania
12 Trei Pazeste De La Bistret- Oltenia, Romania
13 Avrameanca- Moldavia, Romania
14 Briul de la Fagaras -Romania
15 Gocino Kolo -Serbia
16 Dedo Mili Dedo -Macedonia -Roger reviewed
17 Jiana -Transylvania, Romania
18 Melissa's Waltz (music is Amelia's Waltz) -Russ reviewed
19 Garoon -Armenia
20 Alunelul de la Urzica -Romania
21 Siamsa Beirte -Ireland
22 Karagouna -Greek
23 Bar -Armenian community in USA
24 Petronella -Scotland -Russ taught
25 Pidhichtos Banas (PEE-deek-tos BAH-nas) -North Trace
26 Erev Ba (Evening Comes) -Israel -the ususal version

Erev Ba -Russ showed us how it was originaly taught by Rivka Sturman.
She was born in Europe, arrived in Palestine in 1929, and lived at Kfar
Yehezkel. She moved to Ein Charod where she began to teach dance. Later,
she joined the newly formed organization sponsored by the Histadrut, which
concerned itself with creating folk dances. Rivka's background in modern
dance helped her in her approach to folk dance choreography and, very
soon, she was considered one of the most prolific and successful folk
dance choreographers of Israeli dances. (From Dick Oakes web site)

27 Mairi's Wedding -Scotland
28 Pe Batute -Romania
29 Derite Se Cizme Moje -Croatia -Cris taught
30 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel -Dobrogea, Romania
31 Fife Ness -Scotland
32 Promoroaca -Romania (proh-moh-ROH-kah)
Petronella -review
33 Two Hand Reel -Ireland
34 Sabrali sa se Sabrali -Rhodopes, Bulgaria
35 Rorospols -Norway -Marvin and Rosalind will teach next week
36 Rumelaj -Romanian Gypsy
37 Vossarul -Norway
38 Pentozali -Greek, Island of Crete


1 Cris
2 Don
3 Jackie
4 Jon
5 Larissa
6 Marvin
7 Missy
8 Roger
9 Rosalind
10 Rose
11 Russ


International Folk Dance, next Saturday, September 20, 2003
At the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.

Starting Monday September 15, at the Sons of Norway, starting
about 7pm till about 9, will be Scandinavian dancing. FREE!
Every Monday till...?

Learn to Clog: No partner needed, meet every Tuesday, upstairs
Eagles Club. Beginning lessons start at 5:30. Contact Carla
for more information 752-7919.

Learn to do Western Line dance, meet every Thursday at the
Sons of Norway, 6:30pm, $3.00.

And for you really advanced planners, Wintergreen Contra Dance
January 30 through February 1, 2004. Bozeman, MT. See:

Check out our web site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org . Any
suggestions or comments you have are welcome!

Till next time