Dances of September 20, 2003 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM

1 Kostursko Oro -Macedonia
2 Dundai -Jewish American -Russ taught
3 Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria
4 Sirba din Cimpoi -Romania
5 Kendime -Turkey
6 Aino Kchume -Assyria
7 Ivanice (ee-vahn-EET-seh) -Macedonia
8 Djurdjevka Kolo-Serbia 2x
9 Gavotte d'Honneur -France/Brittany 2x
10 Belasicko Oro -Macedonia
11 C^ac^ak in five -Serbia
12 Melissa's Waltz (music is Amelia's Waltz)
13 Dansul Fetelor De La Crihalma -Romania -Susan H. led
She brought it back, Thanks Susan!! Briefly:
part 1 heel step-clik step
2 heel clicks and two-step
3 grape vine (left foot stamps moving CCW)
4 shortend grapevine (jump both feet together)
5 hops and leg swings (hoppin of R swing L foot...)
Credit to Sunni Bloland and her syllabus from April 1977
when she presented Dansul Fetelor... at the WSU-Pullman Folk
Dance Festival for the above notes; without Susan doing it
would be almost meaningless. Also thanks to Jon for the
Pronunciation: Dahn-sool Fetell-or day lah Cree-hahl-ma
Translation: Girl's dance from Crihalma
Origin: Judet Brasov South Transylvania Romania
Formation: Begin hand down at the sides, not joined. Facing CCW

14 Dedo Mili Dedo -Macedonia
15 C^etvorno S^opsko Horo -Sopluk, Bulgaria
16 Briul de la Fagaras -Romania
17 Fife Ness -Scotland 2x
18 Rustemul -Romania
19 Pomas^ko Sirto -Bulgaria
20 Petrunino (Peh-TROO-nee-noh Ho-ROH) -Bulgaria, S^opluk
21 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel -Dobrogea, Romania
22 Pidhichtos Banas (PEE-deek-tos BAH-nas) -North Trace
23 Mairi's Wedding -Scotland
Djurdjevka Kolo
24 Bana Habonoth -Yemenite
25 Narodno Oro -Macedonia
26 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
27 Satovc^ensko Horo (Sah-tohf-CHEN-skoh Hoh-ROH) -Pirin, Bulgaria
28 Sej Sej Bob -Dobrudza, Bulgaria
29 Galaonal de la Birca -Romania
30 Vossarul -Norway 2x
31 Gankino -Bulgaria
32 Dobrudzanski Buenek -Bulgaria
33 Rorospols -Norway
34 Oseh Shaloam -Israel
35 Od Lo Ahavti Dai -Israel
36 Sweet Girl -Armenia
37 Vulpiuta (Vool-pewTS-ah) -Romania
38 Nevrokopsko Horo -Bulgaria
39 Sabrali sa se Sabrali -Rhodopes, Bulgaria

1 Connie
2 Cris
3 Don
4 Jackie
5 Jon
6 Larissa
7 Marvin
8 Missy
9 Roger
10 Rosalind
11 Rose
12 Russ
13 Susan H.
14 and Richard G. joined us for Nevrokopsko toward the end.


International Folk Dance, next Saturday, September 27, 2003
At the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.

Monday, at the Sons of Norway, starting at 6:45, till about 9,
will be Scandinavian dancing. FREE!

Learn to Clog: No partner needed, meet every Tuesday, upstairs
Eagles Club. Beginning lessons start at 5:30. Contact Carla
for more information 752-7919.

Learn to do Western Line dance, meet every Thursday at the
Sons of Norway, 6:30pm, $3.00.

And for you really advanced planners, Wintergreen Contra Dance
January 30 through February 1, 2004. Bozeman, MT. See:

Check out our web site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org . Any
suggestions or comments you have are welcome!

Till next time