Dances of November 01, 2003 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM

Pre dance workshop, worked on:
1 & 2 Hora and Sirba de la Ruginoasa -Moldova
(HOH-rah & SEHR-bah deh lah roo-dgee-NOAH-suh)
3 Alunelul de la Godinesti -Oltenia
(uh-loo-NAH-lool deh lah go-dee-NASHTE)
4 Maruntica de la Cajvana -Bucovina
(meh-roon-TZEE-kuh deh lah kush-VUH-nuh)
5 Gaida -Aroman (GUY-dah)
6 Hutulca de la Brodina -Bucovina
(hoo-TZOOL-kah deh lah BROH-dee-nah)
7 Rustemul la Trei de la Patulele -Oltenia
(roo-STA-mool luh trae deh lah pe-TOO-la-lah)
8 Ardeleana din Campie -Banat
(ar-deh-LEAH-nuh deen kem-PEEA)
9 Cadaneasca de la Macin -Dobrogea
(kuh-deh-HEAHS-kuh deh luh meh-TCHEEN)
10 Tropca de la Tulcea -Dobrogea
(TROP-kuh deh luh TOOL-tchea)

Here goes:

1 Trind Polska -Finland -Roger taught
2 Ersko Kolo -Serbia -Russ taught
3 Swing -USA (done to "In the Mood")
4 Moja Diridika -Croatia -Russ taught
5 Prekid Kolo -Serbia -Russ taught
6 Glavinis^ko C^etvorno -Bulgaria, Trakia (2 rhythms 2/4 & 7/16-qqs) -Roger taught
7 Jiana -Transylvania, Romania -Roger taught
Repeated 1-7
8 C^etvorno S^opsko Horo -Sopluk, Bulgaria
9 Loosnee Shoghov -Armenia
10 Siamsa Beirte -Ireland
11 Pidhichtos Banas -North Trace
12 Melissa's Waltz (music is Amelia's Waltz) -Russ reviewed
13 Hora & Sirba Ruginoasa -Moldova,Romania
14 Garoon -Armenia
Ersko Kolo -Serbia
15 Polka Dot -Scotland -Russ taught
16 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel -Dobrogea, Romania
17 Djurdjevka Kolo-Serbia
18 Buc^imis^ -Bulgaria
19 Lamb Skinnet -Scotland -Russ taught
20 Ali Pasa -Turkey
21 Jove Malaj Mome -Bulgaria
22 Galaonal de la Birca -Romania
23 Godec^ki C^ac^ak -Serbia
24 Vidinsko Horo -Vlach, NW Bulgaria


1 Connie
2 Cris
3 Dianne
4 Jackie V.
5 Jackie Z.
6 Jon
7 Larissa
8 Lita
9 Marvin
10 Missy
11 Roger
12 Russ


International Folk Dance, next Saturday, November 8, 2003
At the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.

Every Monday, at the Sons of Norway, starting at 6:45, till about 9,
will be Scandinavian dancing. FREE!

Learn to Clog: No partner needed, meet every Tuesday, upstairs
Eagles Club. Beginning lessons start at 5:30. Contact Carla
for more information 752-7919.

Learn to do Western Line dance, meet every Thursday at the
Sons of Norway, 6:30pm, $3.00.

The 2nd Contra Dance of the season is at the Sons of Norway.
This Friday (the first Friday) Nov. 7th (In December it will
be the 5th. Next year it'll be on the 2nd Friday of each month.)
The Sons of Norway's address is 347 1st Ave E. (corner of
1st Ave. E and 4th St. E.) Kalispell, the NE corner, across the
street from the fire department.
The dance is from 8:00 to 11pm, with the beginners'
workshop starting at 7:30pm. Music by, Cup of Tea and the
caller next month will be Mark Matthews.
The cost is $6 each for adults, $3 each for teenagers (13-18),
and kids 12 and under are free.
The dance is put on by Contra Dance Flathead, and two numbers
to call for more information are: 862-7098 and 857-2026.

"A harvest dance and pie auction will be held on Saturday November
8th, at 7:30. At the Smith Valley Grange, four miles west of
Kalispell on U.S. 2. Admission is one pie per person; two pies per
family or $5 per person. Children are half price. Music by,
'Grin and Bear It String Clan.' There will also be a silent
auction on art and craft items suitable for gift giving. All
proceeds fo to Rails to Trails."

Wintergreen Contra Dance 2004 @ Bozeman, MT. Jan. 30-Feb. 1
See: www.geocities.com/bfsdancing

Steam and Stomp 2004, will be Saturday noon to Sunday
afternoon. Boulder, Montana. The exact date is not set yet
but last year it was February 22, 23. It'll be up to
Bill to set the date for sure, and that info will be here.
Boulder Hot Springs. Ph # 406-225-4339

For other dance information from Bozeman and Butte
check out our web site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org . Any
suggestions or comments you have are welcome!

Till next time