As of today, Friday Jan 4, 2004, the following contains all of the dances we've done up to December 27th, for the
entire year of 2003.  This includes the corrections given to me at the new years eve party at Larissa's house.

The complete list, (301 dances) of all the dances we did this year -2003- that was sent out separately, right after
this report was sent was evidently missing a few dances that slipped through the cracks, they just weren't written
down at the time. They are:

1 Sukac^ica -Croatia  not to be confused with Sukac^ko Kolo - Croatia
2 Sonderhoning -Denmark
3 New Castle -English -This was a work in progress.
4 Evev Ba -Israel -the usual version was noted BUT, Russ showed us how it was originally taught by Rivka Sturman, at
the Sep. 13, dance. 
“Rivka Sturman was born in Europe, arrived in Palestine in 1929, and lived at Kfar Yehezkel. She moved to Ein Charod
where she began to teach dance. Later, she joined the newly formed organization sponsored by the Histadrut, which
concerned itself with creating folk dances. Rivka's background in modern dance helped her in her approach to folk
dance choreography and, very soon, she was considered one of the most prolific and successful folk dance choreographers
of Israeli dances.” (From Dick Oakes web site)

5 Marioara -Romania -a fast but easy couple dance
6 Kohanotchka -Russia -a couple dance
7 Karapyet -Russia -Russ orgiginaly taught it Jan. 19, 2002. It's a Russian 2 step.

Rumunjsko Kolo -Serbia -this is the one we do, remove Rumanosko Kolo.

Johnny Groats House,  country of origin was incorrectly labeled as from the USA, no, it's Scotish (Russ you'll have
to teach this on again, have not a clue as to how it's done!)

Remove   Cresena -Macedonia; it's a misspelling of Ceresna.

Lastly we didn't do Gathering Peascods, just listened to the music.  We dance Melissa's Waltz to Amelia'a Waltz, but
don't know the dance Amelia's Waltz, so scratch off: Waltz, Amelia's

This is it, all the dances we did, including the above corrections:
     2003 dances


       Armenia                         Armenian Misirlou
       Armenia                         Armenian Turn
       Armenia                         Garoon
       Armenia                         Guhneega
       Armenia                         Hej Par
       Armenia                         Karsi Bar
       Armenia                         Laz Bar
       Armenia                         Loosnee Shoghov
       Armenia                         Sepastia Bar
       Armenia                         Sweet Girl
       Armenian-Kurdish                Teen
       Armenian/USA                    Bar

       Assyria                         Aino Kchume

       Austria                         D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln

       Bulgaria                        Baldazka
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Bicak
       Bulgaria                        Bucimis
       Bulgaria                        Cekurjankino Horo
       Bulgaria, Sopluk                Cetvorno Sopsko Horo
       Bulgaria                        Dajcovo Horo/Zizaj Nane
       Bulgaria, Dobrudza              Danec
       Bulgaria, Rhodopes              Devojko Mari Hubava
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Dimitrija
       Bulgaria                        Dobrudzanski Buenek
       Bulgaria, Rhodopes              Dospatsko Oro
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Dzangurica  (Yves)
       Bulgaria                        Gankino
       Bulgaria, Trakia                Glavinisko Cetvorno
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Idam, ne Idam
       Bulgaria                        Jove Malaj Mome
       Bulgaria                        Kulsko
       Bulgaria                        Neda Voda Nalivala
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Nevesto Carven Trendafil
       Bulgaria/Macedonia              Nevrokopsko Horo
       Bulgaria                        Novo Zagorsko
       Bulgaria                        Pajdusko
       Bulgaria, Sopluk                Petrunino Horo
       Bulgaria, Rhodopes              Pomasko Sirto
       Bulgaria                        Pravo
       Bulgaria                        Ripna Maca
       Bulgaria                        Rusi Kosi
       Bulgaria, Rhodopes              Sabrali sa se Sabrali
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Sadi Moma
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Sandansko Horo
       Bulgaria, Pirin                 Satovcensko Horo
       Bulgaria                        Sborinka
       Bulgaria                        Sedi Donka
       Bulgaria, Dobrudza              Sej Sej Bob
       Bulgaria                        Tropanka  (Holt's)
       Bulgaria                        Trugnala Rumjana
       Bulgaria                        Verapceto
       Bulgaria, Vlach                 Vidinsko Horo
       Bulgaria, Vlach (long version)  Vlashko
       Bulgaria, Severnjashko region   Vlashko III
       Bulgaria                        Yankinata

       Croatia                         Ciro
       Croatia                         Drmes iz Zdencine
       Croatia                         Derite Se Cizme Moje
       Croatia                         Kolo Zita
       Croatia, Lika                   Moj Dragane
       Croatia                         Moja Diridika
       Croatia, Medimurje              Nabrala
       Croatia                         Nebesko Kolo
       Croatia                         Posavski Drmes
       Croatia                         Seljancica
       Croatia                         Slavonsko Kolo
       Croatia                         Sukac^ica
       Croatia                         Sukac^ko Kolo

       Czech                           Ceresnicky
       Czech                           Louky
       Czechoslovakia                  Doudlebska Polka

       Denmark                         Little Man in a Fix
       Denmark                         Sonderhoning

       England                         Black Nag, The
       English                         Duke of Kent's Waltz
       English                         Hole in the Wall
       English                         Juice of the Barley
       English                         New Castle
       English/Scottish                Oslo Waltz
       English                         Picking Up Sticks
       England                         Saint Bernards Waltz

       Finland                         Polska
       Finland                         Trind Polska

       France/Brittany                 Gavotte d'Honneur
       France/Brittany                 An Dro
       France/Brittany                 An Dro Retourne
       France/Brittany                 Bal de Jugon (a couple dance)
       Frence/Brittany                 Bannielou Lambaol
       French Canadian                 La Bastringue
       France                          Rondeau de Garein

       Germany                         At the Inn (couple, fast waltz)
       Germany                         Das Eisen Keilnest (a Zwiefacher)
       Germany/Bavaria                 Die Alte Kath (a Zwiefacher)
       Germany                         Kreutz Koenig (Kings Cross)
       Germany                         Leut Leut (Zwiefacher)
       Germany                         Marklaender
       Germany                         Senftenberger
       Germany/Bavaria                 Wintergruen (a Zwiefacher)

       Greece                          Kalamatianos (Syrto)
       Greek                           Ballos (Syrto)
       Greek                           Chiotikos
       Greek                           Gerakina
       Greek                           Karagouna
       Greek                           Kritikos Syrtos
       Greek/American                  Misirlou
       Greek, Island of Crete          Pentozali
       Greek                           Plaka Hasapikos
       Greek                           Syrto
       Greek                           Ta Dakria
       Greek                           Tsamikos
       Greek                           Veri se Verni

       Hungary                         Kor Csardas
       Hungary                         Lakodalmi Tanc
       Hungary                         Somogyi Karakazo

       Ireland                         Siamsa Beirte
       Ireland                         Two Hand Reel
       Ireland                         Waves of Tory

       Israel                          At Ve'ani
       Israel                          Birchot Havdalah
       Israel                          Erev Ba (usual version)
       Israel                          Erev Ba (original version)
       Israel                          Harmonica
       Israel                          Hashual
       Israel                          Hine Ma Tov
       Israel                          Hora Aggadati
       Israel                          Hora Habik'a
       Israel                          Jacob's Ladder
       Israel                          Kol Dodi
       Israel                          Lech Lamidbar
       Israel                          Mana'a vu
       Israel                          Mayim
       Israel                          Od Lo Ahavti Dai
       Israel                          Oseh Shaloam
       Israel                          Sapri Tama
       Israel                          Sharma Sheikh
       Israel                          Ta'am Haman
       Israel                          Tcherkessia
       Israel                          Tzadik Katamar
       Israel                          Ve David
       Israel                          Zemer Atik

       Jewish, Yemenit                 Bana Habonoth
       Jewish American                 Dundai
       Jewish/Romanian                 Noul Jerusalim

       Latin                           Yolanda

       Lithuania                       Ratukas

       Macedonia                       Arap
       Macedonia                       Bavno Oro
       Macedonia                       Belasicko Oro
       Macedonia                       Capkan Dimco
       Macedonia                       Ceresna
       Macedonia                       Cetvorka
       Macedonia                       Dedo Mili Dedo
       Macedonia, Vlachs               Hatzisteryos (Dervenaghas)
       Macedonia, Gypsy                Indinski (Pajov) Cocek
       Macedonia                       Ivanice
       Macedonia                       Jovano Jovanke
       Macedonia                       Karamfil
       Macedonia                       Katushe Mome
       Macedonia                       Kopacka -Dimna Jada, Mamo (slow)
       Macedonia                       Kostursko Oro
       Macedonia                       Legnala Dana
       Macedonia                       Lesnoto Medley, from Nama #1
       Macedonia                       Lesnoto -(the fast one)
       Macedonia                       Makedonka
       Macedonia                       Memede
       Macedonia                       Mi Go Zatvorille
       Macedonia                       Narodno Oro
       Macedonia                       Pembe Oro
       Macedonia                       Ravno Oro
       Macedonia                       Shar Planina
       Macedonia                       Slavej me Peje (lesnoto)
       Macedonia                       Sto Mi E Milo
       Macedonia                       Svekrvino Oro
       Macedonia                       Tino Mori

       Netherlands                     Rozelaar

       Norway                          Jeg Gikk Meg ot i Lunden Gronn
       Norway                          Rorospols
       Norway                          Vossarul

       Poland                          Ada's Kujawiak #1
       Poland                          Polka
       Poland                          Powolniak (a Polish Hambo)

       Romania                         Alunelul
       Romania, Oltenia                Alunelul de la Godinesti
       Romania                         Alunelul de la Urzica
       Romania, Banat                  Ardeleana din Campie
       Romania, Moldavia               Avrameanca
       Romania                         Balta Dreapta
       Romania, Banat                  Briul Batran
       Romania                         Briul de la Fagaras
       Romania, Muntenia               Briul mare din Ramnicu Sarat
       Romania, Dobrogea               Cadaneasca de la Macin
       Romania                         Cimpoi
       Romania                         Ciuleandra
       Romania                         Damul
       Romania                         Dansul Fetelor De La Crihalma
       Romania                         Floricica Olteneasca
       Romania (Aroman)                Gaida
       Romania                         Galaonal De La Birca
       Romania, Moldova                Hora and Sarba de la Ruginoasa
       Romania                         Hora de Mina
       Romania                         Hora din Campie
       Romania                         Hora Miresii
       Romania, Bucovina               Hutulca de la Brodina
       Romania                         Itele
       Romania, Transylvania           Jiana
       Romania, Dobrogea               Joc Batranesc din Niculetel
       Romania, Maramures              Joc de Leagane
       Romania                         Marioara
       Romania, Bucovina               Maruntica de la Cajvana
       Romania, Oltenia                Mindrele
       Romania, Bucovina               Paduretul
       Romania                         Pe Batute
       Romania                         Promoroaca
       Romania, Transilvania           Purtata de Femei II
       Romanian Gypsy                  Rumelaj
       Romania                         Rustemul
       Romania, Oltenia                Rustemul la Tei de la Patulele
       Romania                         Schioapa
       Romania                         Sirba din Cimpoi
       Romania                         Sirba din Slatina
       Romania                         Sirba pe Loc
       Romania, Oltenia                Trei Pazeste Batrinesc
       Romania, Oltenia                Trei Pazeste De La Bistret
       Romania, Dobrogea               Tropca de la Tulcea
       Romania, Oltenia                Vulpiuta

       Russia                          Alexandrovska
       Russia                          Cherevichky
       Russia                          Karapyet
       Russia                          Kohanotchka
       Russia                          Korobushka

       Scotland                        Catch as Catch Can
       Scotland                        Dashing White Sargent
       Scotland                        Duke of Perth
       Scotland                        Fife Ness
       Scotland                        Gie Gordons
       Scotland                        Johnny Groats House
       Scotland                        Lamb Skinnet
       Scotland                        Mairi's Wedding
       Scotland                        Music Makers
       Scotland                        Petronella
       Scotland                        Polka Dot
       Scotland                        Postie's Jig
       Scotland                        Road to the Isles
       Scotland                        Shiftin' Bobbins

       Serbia                          Ajde Jano
       Serbia                          Ajde Red (a lesnoto)
       Serbia                          Basara
       Serbia                          Bela Rada
       Serbia                          Belo Lence (steps of Vranjanka)
       Serbia                          Biserka
       Serbia                          Bosarka
       Serbia                          Cacak (in five)
       Serbia                          Djurdjevka Kolo
       Serbia                          Ersko Kolo
       Serbia                          Gocino Kolo
       Serbia                          Godecki Cacak
       Serbia                          Iz Banju Ide
       Serbia                          Kriva Kruska
       Serbia                          Makazice/Bela Rada
       Serbia                          Milanovo Kolo
       Serbia                          Natalijino Kolo
       Serbia                          Orijent
       Serbia                          Pinosavka
       Serbia                          Pleskavac Kolo
       Serbia                          Poskok (Aj Povedi Veselo)
       Serbia                          Prekid Kolo
       Serbia                          Preplet
       Serbian/USA                     Romski Cacak
       Serbia                          Rumunjsko Kolo
       Serbia                          Sarajevka Kolo
       Serbia                          Sarano
       Serbia                          Savila se Bela Loza
       Serbia                          Sestorka
       Serbia                          Sestorka Bela Palanka
       Serbia                          Setnja
       Serbia                          Stara Vlainja
       Serbia                          U Sest
       Serbia                          Vlasko Ze Pojas
       Serbia                          Vranjanka
       Serbia                          Vranjanski Cacak
       Serbia                          Vranjsko

       Slovakia                        Horehronsky Csardas

       South Africa/USA                Pata Pata

       Sweden                          Hambo
       Sweden                          Hurry Skurry
       Sweden                          Polka from Narke
       Sweden                          Snurrbocken

       Thrace                          Pidichtos Banos

       Turkey                          Agir Halay
       Turkey                          Ali Pasa
       Turkey, Kirklareli region       Kabadayi
       Turkey                          Kendime
       Turkey                          Ooska Gookas
       Turkey                          Siksara
       Turkey                          Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim

       USA                             Cotton Eyed Joe
       USA                             Heel & Toe Polka
       USA                             Levi Jackson Rag
       USA                             Melissa's Waltz (music: Amelia's)
       USA                             Polka, Across the Plains
       USA                             Polka, The Pennsylvania
       USA                             Swing
       USA                             Teton Mountain Stomp
       USA                             Waltz, The Black Hawk

       Wales                           Robin Ddiog (Lazy Robin)

       Yugoslavia                      Haj Haj Boze Daj


       1   Ada's Kujawiak #1                  Poland
       2   Ajde Red (a lesnoto)               Serbia
       3   Agir Halay                         Turkey
       4   Aino Kchume                        Assyria
       5   Ajde Jano                          Serbia
       6   Alexandrovska                      Russia
       7   Ali Pasa                           Turkey
       8   Alunelul de la Godinesti           Romania, Oltenia
       9   Alunelul de la Urzica              Romania
       10  Alunelul                           Romania
       11  An Dro Retourne                    France\Brittany
       12  An Dro                             France\Brittany
       13  Arap                               Macedonia
       14  Ardeleana din Campie               Romania, Banat
       15  Armenian Misirlou                  Armenia
       16  Armenian Turn                      Armenia
       17  At the Inn (couple, fast waltz)    Germany
       18  At Ve'ani                          Israel
       19  Avrameanca                         Romania, Moldavia
       20  Bal de Jugon (a couple dance)      France/Brittany
       21  Baldazka                           Bulgaria
       22  Ballos (Syrto)                     Greek
       23  Balta Dreapta                      Romania
       24  Bana Habonoth                      Jewish, Yemenit
       25  Bannielou Lambaol                  French/Brittany
       26  Bar                                Armenian/USA
       27  Basara                             Serbia
       28  Bavno Oro                          Macedonia
       29  Bela Rada                          Serbia
       30  Belasicko Oro                      Macedonia
       31  Belo Lence (steps of Vranjanka)    Serbia
       32  Bicak                              Bulgaria, Pirin
       33  Birchot Havdalah                   Israel
       34  Biserka                            Serbia
       35  Black Nag, The                     England
       36  Bosarka                            Serbia
       37  Briul Batran                       Romania, Banat
       38  Briul de la Fagaras                Romania
       39  Briul mare din Ramnicu Sarat       Romania, Muntenia
       40  Bucimis                            Bulgaria
       41  Cacak (in five)                    Serbia
       42  Cadaneasca de la Macin             Romania, Dobrogea
       43  Capkan Dimco                       Macedonia
       44  Catch as Catch Can                 Scotland
       45  Cekurjankino Horo                  Bulgaria
       46  Ceresna                            Macedonia
       47  Ceresnicky                         Czech
       48  Cetvorka                           Macedonia
       49  Cetvorno Sopsko Horo               Bulgaria, Sopluk
       50  Cherevichky                        Russia
       51  Chiotikos                          Greek
       52  Cimpoi                             Romania
       53  Ciro                               Croatia
       54  Ciuleandra                         Romania
       55  Cotton Eyed Joe                    American
       56  Dajcovo Horo/Zizaj Nane            Bulgaria
       57  Damul                              Romania
       58  Danec                              Bulgaria, Dobrudza
       59  Dansul Fetelor De La Crihalma      Romania
       60  Das Eisen Keilnest (a Zwiefacher)  Germany
       61  Dashing White Sargent              Scotland
       62  Dedo Mili Dedo                     Macedonia
       63  Derite Se Cizme Moje               Croatia
       64  Devojko Mari Hubava                Bulgaria, Rhodopes
       65  Die Alte Kath (a Zwiefacher)       Germany/Bavaria
       66  Dimitrija                          Bulgaria, Pirin
       67  Djurdjevka Kolo                    Serbia
       68  Dobrudzanski Buenek                Bulgaria
       69  Dospatsko Oro                      Bulgaria, Rhodopes
       70  Doudlebska Polka                   Czechoslovakia
       71  Drmes iz Zdencine                  Croatia
       72  Duke of Kent's Waltz               English
       73  Duke of Perth                      Scotland
       74  Dundai                             Jewish American
       75  Dzangurica  (Yves)                 Bulgaria, Pirin
       76  D'Hammerschmiedsg'selln            Austria
       77  Erev Ba (usual version)            Israel
       78  Erev Ba (original version)         Israel
       79  Ersko Kolo                         Serbia
       80  Fife Ness                          Scotland
       81  Floricica Olteneasca               Romania
       82  Gaida                              Aroman
       83  Galaonal De La Birca               Romania
       84  Gankino                            Bulgaria
       85  Garoon                             Armenia
       86  Gavotte d'Honneur                  France/Brittany
       87  Gerakina                           Greek
       88  Gie Gordons                        Scotland
       89  Glavinisko Cetvorno                Bulgaria, Trakia
       90  Gocino Kolo                        Serbia
       91  Godecki Cacak                      Serbia
       92  Guhneega                           Armenia
       93  Haj Haj Boze Daj                   Yugoslavia
       94  Hambo                              Sweden
       95  Harmonica                          Israel
       96  Hashual                            Israel
       97  Hatzisteryos (Dervenaghas)         Macedonia, Vlachs
       98  Heel & Toe Polka                   USA
       99  Hej Par                            Armenia
       100 Hine Ma Tov                        Israel
       101 Hole in the Wall                   English
       102 Hora Aggadati                      Israel
       103 Hora and Sarba de la Ruginoasa     Romania, Moldova
       104 Hora de Mina                       Romania
       105 Hora din Campie                    Romania
       106 Hora Habik'a                       Israel
       107 Hora Miresii                       Romania
       108 Horehronsky Csardas                 Slovakia
       109 Hurry Skurry                       Sweden
       110 Hutulca de la Brodina              Romania, Bucovina
       111 Idam, ne Idam                      Bulgaria, Pirin
       112 Indinski (Pajov) Cocek             Macedonian, Gypsy
       113 Itele                              Romania
       114 Ivanice                            Macedonia
       115 Iz Banju Ide                       Serbia
       116 Jacob's Ladder                     Israel
       117 Jeg Gikk Meg ot i Lunden Gronn     Norway
       118 Jiana                              Romania, Transylvania
       119 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel        Romania, Dobrogea
       120 Joc de Leagane                     Romania, Maramures
       121 Johnny Groats House                Scotland
       122 Jovano Jovanke                     Macedonia
       123 Jove Malaj Mome                    Bulgaria
       124 Juice of the Barley                English
       125 Kabadayi                           Turkey, Kirklareli region
       126 Kalamatianos (Syrto)               Greece
       127 Karagouna                          Greek
       128 Karamfil                           Macedonia
       129 Karapyet                           Russia
       130 Karsi Bar                          Armenia
       131 Katushe Mome                       Macedonia
       132 Kendime                            Turkey
       133 Kohanotchka                        Russia
       134 Kol Dodi                           Israel
       135 Kolo Zita                          Croatia
       136 Kopacka -Dimna Jada, Mamo (slow)   Macedonia
       137 Kor Csardas                        Hungary
       138 Korobushka                         Russia
       139 Kostursko Oro                      Macedonia
       140 Kreutz Koenig (Kings Cross)        Germany
       141 Kritikos Syrtos                    Greek
       142 Kriva Kruska                       Serbia
       143 Kulsko                             Bulgaria
       144 La Bastringue                      French Canadian
       145 Lakodalmi Tanc                     Hungary
       146 Lamb Skinnet                       Scotland
       147 Laz Bar                            Armenia
       148 Lech Lamidbar                      Israel
       149 Legnala Dana                       Macedonia
       150 Lesnoto Medley, from Nama #1       Macedonia
       151 Lesnoto -(the fast one)            Macedonia
       152 Leut Leut (Zwiefacher)             Germany
       153 Levi Jackson Rag                   USA
       154 Little Man in a Fix                Denmark
       155 Loosnee Shoghov                    Armenia
       156 Louky                              Czech
       157 Mairi's Wedding                    Scotland
       158 Makazice/Bela Rada                 Serbia
       159 Makedonka                          Macedonia
       160 Mana'a vu                          Israel
       161 Marioara                           Romania
       162 Marklaender                        Germany
       163 Maruntica de la Cajvana            Romania, Bucovina
       164 Mayim                              Israel
       165 Melissa's Waltz (music: Amelia's)  USA
       166 Memede                             Macedonia
       167 Mi Go Zatvorille                   Macedonia
       168 Milanovo Kolo                      Serbia
       169 Mindrele                           Romania, Oltenia
       170 Misirlou                           Greek/American
       171 Moj Dragane                        Croatia, Lika
       172 Moja Diridika                      Croatia
       173 Music Makers                       Scotland
       174 Nabrala                            Croatia, Medimurje
       175 Narodno Oro                        Macedonia
       176 Natalijino Kolo                    Serbia
       177 Nebesko Kolo                       Croatia
       178 Neda Voda Nalivala                 Bulgaria
       179 Nevesto Carven Trendafil           Bulgaria, Pirin
       180 Nevrokopsko Horo                   Bulgaria/Macedonia
       181 New Castle                         English
       182 Noul Jerusalim                     Jewish/Romanian
       183 Novo Zagorsko                      Bulgaria
       184 Od Lo Ahavti Dai                   Israel
       185 Ooska Gookas                       Turkey
       186 Orijent                            Serbia
       187 Oseh Shaloam                       Israel
       188 Oslo Waltz                         English/Scottish
       189 Paduretul                          Romania, Bucovina
       190 Pajdusko                           Bulgaria
       191 Pata Pata                          South Africa/USA
       192 Pe Batute                          Romania
       193 Pembe Oro                          Macedonia
       194 Pentozali                          Greek, Island of Crete
       195 Petronella                         Scotland
       196 Petrunino Horo                     Bulgaria, Sopluk
       197 Picking Up Sticks                  English
       198 Pidichtos Banos                    Thrace
       199 Pinosavka                          Serbia
       200 Plaka Hasapikos                    Greek
       201 Pleshkavac                         Serbia
       202 Polka, The Pennsylvania            USA
       203 Polka Dot                          Scotland
       204 Polka from Narke                   Sweden
       205 Polka                              Poland
       206 Polka, Across the Plains           USA
       207 Polska                             Finland
       208 Pomasko Sirto                      Bulgaria, Rhodopes
       209 Posavski Drmes                     Croatia
       210 Poskok (Aj Povedi Veselo)          Serbia
       211 Postie's Jig                       Scotland
       212 Powolniak (a Polish Hambo)         Poland
       213 Pravo                              Bulgaria
       214 Prekid Kolo                        Serbia
       215 Preplet                            Serbia
       216 Promoroaca                         Romania
       217 Purtata de Femei II                Romania, Transilvania
       218 Ratukas                            Lithuania
       219 Ravno Oro                          Macedonia
       220 Ripna Maca                         Bulgaria
       221 Road to the Isles                  Scotland
       222 Robin Ddiog (Lazy Robin)           Wales
       223 Romski Cacak                       Serbian/USA
       224 Rondeau de Garein                  France
       225 Rorospols                          Norway
       226 Rozelaar                           Netherlands
       227 Rumelaj                            Romanian Gypsy
       228 Rumunjsko Kolo                     Serbia
       229 Rusi Kosi                          Bulgaria
       230 Rustemul la Tei de la Patulele     Romania, Oltenia
       231 Rustemul                           Romania
       232 Sabrali sa se Sabrali              Bulgaria, Rhodopes
       233 Sadi Moma                          Bulgaria, Pirin
       234 Saint Bernards Waltz               England
       235 Sandansko Horo                     Bulgaria, Pirin
       236 Sapri Tama                         Israel
       237 Sarajevka Kolo                     Serbia
       238 Sarano                             Serbia
       239 Satovcensko Horo                   Bulgaria, Pirin
       240 Savila se Bela Loza                Serbia
       241 Sborinka                           Bulgaria
       242 Schioapa                           Romania
       243 Sedi Donka                         Bulgaria
       244 Sej Sej Bob                        Bulgaria, Dobrudza
       245 Seljancica                         Croatia
       246 Senftenberger                      Germany
       247 Sepastia Bar                       Armenia
       248 Sestorka Bela Palanka              Serbia
       249 Sestorka                           Serbia
       250 Setnja                             Serbia
       251 Shar Planina                       Macedonia
       252 Sharma Sheikh                      Israel
       253 Shiftin' Bobbins                   Scotland
       254 Siamsa Beirte                      Ireland
       255 Siksara                            Turkey
       256 Sirba din Cimpoi                   Romania
       257 Sirba din Slatina                  Romania
       258 Sirba pe Loc                       Romania
       259 Slavej me Peje (lesnoto)           Macedonia
       260 Slavonsko Kolo                     Croatia
       261 Snurrbocken                        Sweden
       262 Somogyi Karakazo                   Hungary
       263 Sonderhoning                       Denmark
       264 Stara Vlainja                      Serbia
       265 Sto Mi E Milo                      Macedonia
       266 Sukac^ko Kolo                      Croatia
       267 Sukac^ica                          Croatia
       268 Svekrvino Oro                      Macedonia
       269 Sweet Girl                         Armenia
       270 Swing                              USA
       271 Syrto                              Greek
       272 Ta Dakria                          Greek
       273 Ta'am Haman                        Israel
       274 Tcherkessia                        Israel
       275 Teen                               Armenian-Kurdish
       276 Teton Mountain Stomp               USA
       277 Tin Tin Tini Mini Hanim            Turkey
       278 Tino Mori                          Macedonian
       279 Trei Pazeste Batrinesc             Romania, Oltenia
       280 Trei Pazeste De La Bistret         Romania, Oltenia
       281 Trind Polska                       Finland
       282 Tropanka  (Holt's)                 Bulgaria
       283 Tropca de la Tulcea                Romania, Dobrogea
       284 Trugnala Rumjana                   Bulgaria
       285 Tsamikos                           Greek
       286 Two Hand Reel                      Ireland
       287 Tzadik Katamar                     Israel
       288 U Sest                             Serbia
       289 Ve David                           Israel
       290 Verapceto                          Bulgaria
       291 Veri se Verni                      Greek
       292 Vidinsko Horo                      Bulgaria, Vlach
       293 Vlashko III                        Bulgaria, Severnjashko region
       294 Vlashko                            Bulgaria, Vlach (long version)
       295 Vlasko Ze Pojas                    Serbia
       296 Vossarul                           Norway
       297 Vranjanka                          Serbia
       298 Vranjanski Cacak                   Serbia
       299 Vranjsko                           Serbia
       300 Vulpiuta                           Romania, Oltenia
       301 Waltz, The Black Hawk              USA
       302 Waves of Tory                      Ireland
       303 Wintergruen (a Zwiefacher)         Germany/Bavaria
       304 Yankinata                          Bulgaria
       305 Yolanda                            Latin
       306 Zemer Atik                         Israel