Rosalind, Linda, Allison, Laurie, Cris, Ardyce, Larissa, Lita
Margaret, Marilyn, Missy, Barbara, Cissy, Connie, Russ, Don &
Rose, Jackie Z., John & Diana, Jon, Max & Eva, Hank & Mardia,
Sally & Alan, Sam & Ruth, Sarah, Sue, Jackie V., Christie,
Lauren, Richard & Susan, Cecelia, Ruth S., Tim, Brenda, Joe,
Ed & Deanna, Debbie B., Michael & Susan, Sally D., Debbie F.
Julie T.

Dances from July 31, 2004 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.
(close to the order we did them in)

1 Nevesto Carven Trendafil -Pirin, Bulgaria
2 Cetvorno Sopsko Horo -Bulgaria, Sopluk
3 Hopak -Russian couple dance -Russ taught -8 figures:
1 Pas de bas
2 Touch, extend, pas de bas
3 Russian polka step
4 Individual turns
5 Lunge cuts (lunge cut, pas de bas)
6 Partner Buzz
7 Chugs (men out 16 counts, back)
8 Toe, heal, touch, extend. (rept op ft wk)
4 Sweet Girl -Armenia
5 Gerakina -Greek
6 Sukac^ko Kolo -Croatia -Russ taught as circle dance.
7 Ratarsko Kolo--Serbia
8 Erev Ba -Israel -Russ taught as Rivka Sturman orginaly taught it.
Then combined it with the usual version we/most groups do.
9 Kriva Kruska -Serbia
10 Trite Puti (AMAN 3) -Bulgaria
11 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel -Dobrogea, Romania
12 Sarano -Serbia
13 Vranjsko Kolo -Serbia -Russ taught
14 Maciek (Ma chee-eck) -Polish couple dance
15 Dayagim -Israeli couple dance (tough to do with just 3 couples!)
16 Poskok -Serbia (pause-kok)(also called Aj Povedi Veselo)(slow ver.)
17 Devojko Mari Hubava -Rhodopes, Bulgaria -(slow pravo, pies
during instrumental)
18 Ada's Kujawiak #1 -Polish couple dance
19 Horehronsky Cardas -Slovakia
20 Sukac^ko Kolo -Croatia -done as a couple dance.
21 Promoroaca (proh-moh-ROH-kah) -Romania
22 Cieta Polka -Poland -couple dance -simple but very aerobic!
23 Arap -Macedonia
24 Varsouvian -Swedish couple dance
25 Jacob's Ladder -Israel
26 Niebieski Kujawiak -Poland (also called Blue Kujawiak) -Russ led
27 Schioapa (skoh-WAH-pah) -Romania
28 Bona Habanoth -Israeli couple dance
29 Birchot Havdalah -Israel
30 Ardeleana din Campie (ar-deh-LEAH-nuh deen kem-PEEA) -Romanian
couple dance
31 Briul de la Fagaras -Romania
32 Mi Go Zatvorille -Macedonia


1 Connie
2 Cris
3 Jackie Z
4 Larissa
5 Lauren
6 Lita
7 Roger
8 Russ

The Summer announcements, for dancing during the week, is up to
you. Let me know of current activities and I'll put them here.

Another pre folk dance party at Joe's. Here is his invitation:
I want to invite all you dancers to a potluck barbeque at my house
in Kalispell on Saturday, August 7th. The get together can start
around 3pm or so, probably eat around 5 or 5:30 or so.
Then go dancing at the Salvation Army gym at about 7.

Alas, no chicken house dancing since I don't have a chicken house.;-)

Those of you coming from out of the area, you can camp in my
backyard, or in my house. I've got lots of room.
Kids, spouses, dogs, and other friendly hanger ons are welcome!

Directions to my house are pretty simple.
Call or email me to let me know if you can come. And also,
to try and coordinate what to bring.
Montana Irish Festival -August 13-15, 2004. Historic uptown
Butte, Montana. Sponsored by Montana Gaelic Cultural Society.
For more information Ph# 800-735-6814. or www.mgcsonline.org

Hi Roger,

You could add to your "newsletter" next week that if anyone is

Armenian workshop with Tineke (sounds like Teen-eh-keh) van Geel,
Calgary, November 13 & 14 2004. We will leave Friday afternoon
November 12 to be in Calgary by 7:30pm. At this point the cost
of the work shop will be 50 dollars Canadian funds.
For other dance information from Bozeman and Butte check out our web
site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org

Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!

Thank You Larissa for making the dance report happen the last
two weeks.:-)

Till next time