Hi everyone,

     Dances from January 1, 2005, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7pm to Midnight

     Early birds:
     1  Cimpoi 			Romania
     2  Floricica Olteneasca	Romania
     3  Ta'am Haman 		Israel 		couple dance done in a circle. 
     4  Vidinsko Horo 		Vlach, NW Bulgaria

     5  Nino 			Armenia 	Larissa, Missy and everyone helped me to teach it! :)
     6  Kuma Echa 		Israel
     7  Ali Pasa 		Turkey
     8  Tamzara 		Armenia (Tineke's) done twice
     9  Johnny Groat's House 	Scotland 	Russ taught, will do again next week
     10 Mairi's Wedding 	Scotland 	Done to the music, "Tell Me Ma" by
            Clam Chowder it's a 32 bar so didn't fit very well, need
            40? bar.  Anyway did Mairi's Wedding again to the usual music.
     11 Ta'am Haman 		Israeli 	couple dance done in a circle. done twice        
               Used the music Cris, seamlessly, spliced together; making the dance twice as long.
     12 Harmonica 		Israel
     13 Gorani 			Armenia
     14 Pidhichtos Banas	North Thrace	(PEEdeektos BAHnas) 
     15 Skudrinka 		Macedonia  	Music is, "Od Granka V Granka" by the "People's International Silver
	String Macedonian Band." This was a group of singers and instrumentalists based in the San Francisco bay area,
	led by Nancy Lewis (now Nada Lewis).  They produced two albums one in 1973 the other in 1976. Check out Nada's 
	Web site:  www.folkloric.net/accordion.htm
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Group shot, click on picture to view larger

     16 Hills of Connemara 	Ireland 	(2 hand reel polka)
     17 Barsgeren Yeghanag "Persian Melody" Armenia
     18 Hambo 			Sweden 		("Stompen Polska")
     19 Ma Na'avu 		Israel
     20 Postie's Jig 		Scotland,  	4x32 jig
     21 Sila Kale Bal 		Serbian Gypsy
     22 Heya Heya 		Modern Israeli 	couple dance done twice
     23 Garoon 			Armenia
     24 Zillertaler Laendler 	Austria
     25 Dedo Mili Dedo 		Macedonia
     26 Bridge of Athlone 	Irish 		Cris, Larissa, Russ taught
     27 Zartounk 		Armenia 	means,"to wake up" (Eric liked the yells!)
     28 La Bastringue 		French Canadian
     29 An Dro Retourne 	France\Brittany
     30 Salty Dog Rag 		USA
     31 Birchot Havdalah 	Israel
     32 Jove Male Mome 		Bulgaria
     33 Lugovonjka 		Russian 	means, "duckling"
     34 Newcastle 		English country dance
     35 Vlas^ko 		Vlach, NW Bulgaria (long version)
     36 Kor Csardas 		Hungary
     37 Tervelska Tropanka 	Bulgaria, Dobrudz^a
     38 Itele			Romania		 (EEtsehleh)
     39 Aino Kchume 		Assyria
     40 Sedi Donka 		Bulgaria 	Russ led with Yves Moreau's version.
     41 Jiana 			Romania, Transylvania
        Nino			Armenia		repeat
     42 Rondeau de Garein 	France
     43 Arap 			Macedonia
     44 Western Polka 		Polish American
     45 Cajun Waltz 		USA
     46 Trite Puti (AMAN 3) 	Bulgaria
     47 Novo Zagorsko 		Bulgaria (16 count intro)
     48 Ratarsko Kolo 		Serbia
     49 Nevesto Carven Trendafil 	Bulgaria, Pirin
     50 Purtata din Vistea 	Romania, Transilvania
     51 Narodno Oro 		Macedonia
     52 Yolanda 		Colombian
     53 Fatis^e Kolo 		Yugoslavia
     54 Ugros 			Hungary
     55 Joc Batranesc din Niculetel Dobrogea, Romania

     In attendance:

     1  Brenda
     2  Connie
     3  Cris
     4  Don
     5  Jackie
     6  Joe
     7  Kathy N. and her almost 5 year old son Eric
     8  Larissa
     9  Lita
     10 Marianne
     11 Marvin
     12 Missy
     13 Roger
     14 Rose
     15 Russ
     16 Ruth
     17 Sam
Larissa and Roger
Russ and Missy
Cris and Ruth
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Group shot, click on picture to view larger

        I asked for it and I got it.  Sally went through the two lists I sent out last time, and sent me an extensive
        list of corrections.  So please delete the other two.  Again there will be two e-mail following this one. One
	will be the alphabetized list of all the dances we did in 2004. The other will be the same dances but listed
	by country.

      	Saturday*  International Folk Dance, January 8, 2005  at the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.

        Swing Dancing at the Sons of Norway, will be the 1st Friday and the 3rd Saturday of the month.   
	Lessons-7:30-8 or so.
        Dance, 8ish to 11:00. $5.00 Cover (Does anyone KNOW if this is still going on??)

        The 5nd Contra Dance of the season will be at the Sons of Norway.  January 14, 2005. (The 2nd Friday of each
	 month.)  The Sons of Norway's address is 347 1st Ave E. The dance is from 8:00 to 11pm, with the beginners'
	workshop starting at 7:30pm. Live music by "Cup of Tea." Dance calling by Mark Matthews.  $6 for Adults,
        $3 teens 12-18, eleven years and under *FREE* Contact Joe in the evenings at 752-7469 or Kalispell Parks and
	Recreation at 758-7717.

Hello Fellow dancers,

Just want to let you all know that we are resuming folk dancing here in Butte on Sunday evenings 7-9 p.m. at the Sacred
Ground Center 126 S.Main.  If you can get over for dancing and don't want to drive home the same night, we have a couple
of extra beds at our house-- give us a call if you want to do that.
Eva & Max

Marvin will host Lita's idea: "Taco and movie Party" January 15 at his house.  Socializing will commence at 3pm and the
movie "The Court Jester" will begin at 4pm.  "The Court Jester":  1956 Danny Kaye movie, costarring Glynis Johns, Basil
Rathbone, Angela Lansbury, Cecil Parker and others.  Setting is 12th century England.  Comedy, 101 minutes in length.
Sam and Ruth give it a thumbs up, and Lauren's kids also enjoyed it. Taco party:  typically tortillas or taco shells and
perhaps a meat sauce are provided, and everyone brings an ingredient to share (tomato, cheese, avocado, salsa, whatever).
Simple and fun."
I heard Don will bring guacamole.

        Wintergreen Contra Dance 2005 at Bozeman, MT. Jan. 28-30.
        Brought to you by the Bozeman Folklore Society

        Steam and Stomp, last weekend of February 2005.
Here's Bill Bucher:
Hi Folkdancers - As those of you who were there know, Steam and Stomp was great fun, as always, but we missed those of
you who couldn't make it. Just to help you plan ahead, Boulder Hot Springs has proposed February 26 and 27 for Steam
and Stomp 2005. They have also mentioned some price increases for the next gathering (these apply to all groups).
Meals (three) will cost $4 more or $35. Rooms will cost $50 plus tax for single occupancy and $37.50 plus tax each for
double occupancy. I hope the dates and rates work for you. Keep on dancing.  - Bill    

        For other dance information from Bozeman and Butte check out our web

        Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!
        Happy New Year!