Hi everyone,

     Dances from January 22, 2005, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm

   Early birds:
    1   Zillertaler Laendler 				Austria
    2   Hora de la Chircani (HOHrah deh lah keerKAHN) 	From the village of Chircani in Basarabia a new, free state just
							outside of Romania's Moldova region (NE corner) in what used to be
							the USSR. From Julie's Stockton Folk Dance Camp 1992 video
							tape of Theodor Vasilescu.

     3  Ravno Oro 					Macedonia
     4  Mitro Mitro 					Bulgaria
     5  Ketri, Ketri 					Gypsy Romania 	done twice
     6  T'Astrin Ki Tou Fengaraki 			Greece/Macedonia	(means "The Stars and the Little Moon)       
     7  Ajde Jano 					Serbia
     8  Potam Povam 					Serbia
     9  C^eres^na 					Macedonia
     10 Hora din Campie (HOHrah deen kemPEEA) 		Romania
     11 Sarajevka Kolo 					Serbia
     12 Alunelul 					Romania
     13 Erev Ba 					Israel
     14 Jiana 						Romania, Transylvania
     15 Guhneega 					Armenia
     16 Robin Ddiog (Ddiog sounds like theeogg) 	Wales
     17 Biserka 					Serbia
     18 Debki 						Bedouin
     19 Johnny Groat's House 				Scotland 	Russ taught Very brief description:
             							   Four couples, head couple 4 slides down and back, cast.
             							   Head couple join hands and circle six four counts and
             							   reverse four counts.
             							   Head couple leads up.

     20 Tamzara 					Armenia 	(Tineke's)
     21 Dashing White Sergeant 				Scotland   Russ taught theesomes arranged like spokes of a wheel,
								   lines face each other.

     22 Pidhichtos Banas (PEEdeektos BAHnas) 		North Thrace
     23 Western Polka 					Polish American
     24 Dodi Li 					Israel 		Sam and Ruth taught. done twice.
     25 Hora Aggadati 					Israel
     26 Satovc^ensko Horo (SahtohfCHENskoh HohROH) 	Bulgaria, Pirin
     27 Barsgeren Yeghanag also called "Persian Melody" Armenia
     28 U S^est #2 					Serbia 		done twice
     29 Baldazka 					Bulgaria
     30 Sweet Girl 					Armenia
     31 S^estorka Bela Palanka 				Serbia
     32 S^estorka 					Serbia
     33 Saint Margaret's Hill 				England 	Russ taught
     34 Pentozali 					Greek, Island of Crete
     35 Harmonica 					Israel
     36 Fife Ness 					Scotland
     37 Sborinka 					Bulgaria
     38 Zillertaler Laendler 				Austria
     39 Dedo Mili Dedo 					Macedonia
     40 Doudlebska Polka 				Czechoslovakia
     41 Well Hall 					English

     In attendance:
     1  Connie
     2  Cris
     3  Don
     4  Jackie
     5  Joe
     6  Larissa
     7  Lauren
     8  Linda A.
     9  Lita
     10 Marianne
     11 Marvin
     12 Missy
     13 Roger
     14 Rose
     15 Russ
     16 Ruth
     17 Sam
     18 Ted


      Saturday*  International Folk Dance, January 29, 2005  at the Salvation Army Gym, 7 to 10pm.

Hello Fellow dancers,

Just want to let you all know that we are resuming folk dancing here in Butte on Sunday evenings 79 p.m. at the
Sacred Ground Center 126 S.Main.  If you can get over for dancing and don't want to drive home the
same night, we have a couple of extra beds at our house give us a callif you want to do that.
Eva and Max

        Wintergreen Contra Dance 2005 at Bozeman, MT. Jan. 2830.
        Brought to you by the Bozeman Folklore Society

                        FEBRUARY 26 AND 27, 2005

The annual International Folkdance at Boulder Hot Springs, the Steam and
Stomp, is a folkdancing tradition started over twenty years ago. It is
an opportunity to dance, soak in the hot springs, and visit with folk
dancers from across Montana.  Dances will be taught by local teachers
during the days and Saturday night will feature our folk dance party. Our
teaching program and party will include plenty of easy to intermediate
dances so don't hesitate to come even if you have not been folk dancing

Saturday February 26:
        12 to 1 p.m.  Registration
         1 to 5 p.m.  Dance workshop
         5 to 8 p.m.   Soaking and dinner
         8 to the wee hours  Dance party, with costume if you wish.

Sunday February 27:
        8:309:30 a.m.  Breakfast
       10 a.m. to 1 p.m.  Dance workshop and review
        1 to 2 p.m.  Lunch
        2 to 3 p.m.  Dance workshop and review

Accommodations:  Boulder Hot Springs can accommodate about 50 people with
one to three people per room.  Many rooms have private baths; others share
a bathroom with a shower/tub at the end of the hall.  Single rooms are $50
plus tax; double rooms are $75 plus tax.  More elegant theme rooms are
available for $20 (plus tax) extra per night with guaranteed full or half

Meals:  Boulder Hot Springs will serve dinner, breakfast and lunch for us.
In addition, they will provide drinks and fruit snacks during the dancing. 

What to Bring:  Shoes for indoor use and bathing suit (for outdoor pool).
No cooking, smoking, fire of any kind, firearms, alcohol or illegal drugs
are allowed.

Registration:  We need to reserve rooms and get a meal count by February
7th at the latest.  If you plan to spend the day only, there is a day use
fee of $10.00 and you do not need to preregister except for meals, if you
want them.  If you are spending the night, use of the facility is included
in the room price.  Meal, day use, and room costs for children under 14 are
half price.  There is no charge for children under three.  If you are just
coming for Saturday evening, the charge is $6.00 for the party and soaking,
and you can pay when you come.  All others please fill out the attached
registration form and send a check for the appropriate amount made out to
Helena International Folkdancers.  Please note if you are sharing a room
with someone who is not registered with you, or if you wish to share a
room and will allow us to assign you a roommate.

Send Registration to:
Joan Franke                     For Information Call:
P.O. Box 2055                   Joan 
East Helena, MT 59635           Bill Bucher

The final date for registration or cancellation is February 12th and we
need your check at that time.  If you have an email address but did not
receive this flyer by email, please include the address on the
registration form so we can contact you by email next year.  We hope to
see you there!

			FEBRUARY 26 AND 27, 2005

Number of Adults ____                  Number of Children (Under 14) ____


____	Shared Room  $40.13/per person (tax included)		

____	Single Room  $53.50 (tax included)			

____    Theme room with guaranteed bath  $21.40 additional charge to
        single or double room (tax included)

____	Dinner, Breakfast, Lunch and Snacks $35.00

____	Dinner Only  $15.00

Total enclosed: ______________       (Note: Children under 14 half price)

Name _____________________________________

Address ___________________________________


Phone ____________________

EMail ___________________

Send Registration to:
Joan Franke
P.O. Box 2055
East Helena, MT 59635

        For other dance information from Bozeman and Butte check out our web
        site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org

        Any suggestions, comments, corrections, you have are welcome!
        Till next time,