Date: Sun, 6 Mar 2005 
Subject: Dances of March 5, 2005
From: Cris 
Hello everyone,

Dances from March 5, 2005
Salvation Army Gymnasium, 710pm

Bearing little if any resemblance to the order danced.  I'm sure I missed a few too. I arrived without a notepad.

Almost every dance in this first group was taught, at least briefly.
1.  Vranjanka 			Serbia
2.  Robin Ddiog 		Wales
3.  An dro Retourne 		Brittany
4.  Jiana 			Romania
5.  Rumelaj 			Gypsy  		special thanks to Missy for providing great bellydance styling tips
6.  Tamzara 			Armenia
7.  Ali Pasa 			Turkey
8.  Mayim 			Israel  	please, please, PLEASE let it rain in Montana
9.  Bojarka / Biserka 		Serbia
10. Srbijanka 			Serbia
11. Juice of Barley 		English Country
12. Ma Navu 			Israel
13. Well Hall 			English Country
14. Erev Ba 			Israel  	both versions
15. Ada's Kujawiak #1 		Poland

We pulled out the following dances that were featured last weekend at Steam and Stomp:

16. Podrimsko Oro Albania  taught at SandS by Susan and Richard, this dance has separate men's and women's lines.
	We remembered it remarkably well!  Danced twice.

17. Cobankat Albania?  from the same workshop as Podrimsko Oro, this was taught just before lunch on Sunday at SandS.
        Beautiful music, but nobody in the group remembered any of it.  So, to the syllabus for next week!

18. At Adama Israel  taught at SandS by Eva.  We had a lot of holes in our collective memory.
	Furrowed brows. "Something goes here... but what?"  Once we finally remembered the "pigeon, duck, pigeon" stamps,
        we went back and tried again, though holes remain.

19. Duke of Kent's Waltz England  taught by Mitchell at S and S, this is an old favorite that we were inspired to revive.

Marvin brought us a rather sophisticated dance from his Whitehall trip.
20. Bees of Maggieknockater 	Scotland
        Marvin took the time to run an intensive, wellexecuted intro to this very impressive Scottish Country dance.
        Unfortunately, we didn't have the music!  But in silence, four couples executed a good firsttime run through.
	This will be fun to work on when we get the music together.  Think Fife Ness meets Mairi's Wedding, turned inside out and with 
        nobody sitting out.

21. Heya Heya Modern Israeli, couples version  We've had several requests for a refresher on this one, but ran out of time this
        week.  We'll plan a refresher on March 12.

22. Birchot Havdalah Modern Israeli

16 dancers:              
Jackie Z           

Welcome Ronda Ronda doesn't have an h in her name to her first International Folk Dance.  Ronda works with Joe at Marion school.
Plus a guest appearance on Duke of Kent by Jazzmine Jazzmin is spelled with 2 z's, and no s, a student at Marion whose aunt was cleaning the

Next dance: Saturday March 12, at the Salvation Army Gym.