Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2005 
Subject: Dances of March 19, 2005
From: Cris 

Hi everybody,

Dances from March 19, 2005
Salvation Army Gymnasium, 7-10pm

Any resemblance to the actual order danced is purely coincidental.  Lots of teaching tonight.

1	Dance From Plav	Montenegro. Music: "Ne e Kemi Drenicën"
            This is one of the dances Sally presented at Steam and Stomp.  YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH
2	Alunelul			Romania		Cris taught
3	Mayim				Israel		Cris reviewed	
4	Louky				Czech		Russ taught
5	Ajde Jano			Serbia		Russ taught
6	Chiotikos			Greece		Cris taught
7	Trind Polska			Finland 	Cris taught
8	Savila Se Bela Loza		Serbia		Russ taught
9	Kopacka 			Macedonia	Russ taught	"Dimna juda, mamo"	
10	Natalijino			Serbia
11	Bannielou Lambaol 		Brittany	Russ taught
12	Devojko Mari Hubava		Bulgaria	Cris sort of taught
13	Rondeau de Garein		France.
     [Note to Julie: after reviewing the DFI video, it still appears to me that Jacques did a side step on the
	first measure. But my observation is by no means definitive.]

14	Jiana				Romania		Russ taught
15      Guhnega 			Armenia   	This is a homework assignment, since all of us seem to
							have forgotten the pattern

16	Newcastle 			England		Russ taught, danced twice
17	Aino Kchume			Assyria		another exercise in forgetfulness
18	Kuma Echa			Israel
19	Yovano, Yovanke 		Macedonia	Russ taught
20	Dedo Mili Dedo			Macedonia
21	Karamfil 			Macedonia	Russ taught
22	Joc de leagane 			Maramures, Romania	Russ taught
23	Galaonul de la Birca		Romania
24	Birchot Havdalah 		Modern Israeli
25	Kasapsko Oro 			Macedonia
26	Zorba's Dance			Greece 		Russ talked us through it
27	Kol Dodi			Israel
28	Joc batranesc de la Niculitel	Romania
29	Setnja				Serbia
30	Ma Navu				Israel

13 Dancers:

and her daughter Camille;
Shannon and
Isabelle forgive my spelling,
Jackie Z,

Next dance is March 26 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7:00-10:00.