Date: Tue, 29 Mar 2005 
Subject: Dances of March 26, 2005
From: Cris 

Belated greetings, everybody.

Dances from March 26, 2005
Salvation Army Gymnasium, 710pm

In the neighborhood of this order:

1	Dance From Plav ("Ne e Kemi Drenicën")  Montenegro
2	Zemer Atik  				Israel		Ruth taught
3	Dvasti Tristi  				Bulgaria	Russ taught
4	Milanovo Kolo  				Serbia		Ruth taught
5	Mayim  					Israel 		The precipitation continues.
6	Ma Navu  				Israel		Ruth taught
7	Syrtos (Kalamatianos)   		Greece		Cris taught
8	An Dro Retourne ("Changeraistu?")   	Brittany
9	Gorani  				Armenia		Cris taught
10	Louky  					Czech		Russ taught
11	Pant Corlan yr Wyn  			Wales		Russ taught. The title means "Let now the harp."
	Tonight marked a rare occasion when men outnumbered women by a ratio of 2:1.  Perfect for this Welsh trio
	mixer (two men dance with one woman). 

12	Tamzara  				Armenia
13	Lesnoto ("Tuginata Pusta de Osta Ne")  	Macedonia 	by way of	Chickenhouse. Russ taught.
14	Newcastle  				England		Russ taught. danced twice.
15	Barsgeren yeghanag (Persian Melody)  	Armenia
16      U Sest #3  				Serbia
17	Bucimis  				Bulgaria	Not 100% successful.
18	Dedo Mili Dedo  			Macedonia
19	Alunelul de la Urzica  			Romania
20	Rumelaj  				Gypsy
21	Sedi Donka  Bulgaria
22	Syrtos ("Siko Horepse Kukli Mu")   	Greece
23	Zorba  					Greece
24	Birchot Havdalah   Modern 		Israeli
25	Sestorka from Bela Pelanka  		Serbia. 	Took two tries.
26	Sestorka  				Serbia
27	Sborinka  				Bulgaria
28	Moj Dragane   				Croatia
29	Ajde Jano (Rock version by Urga)  	Serbia
30	Pomasko Sirto  				Bulgaria
31	Ta Vili Na  				Greece

14 dancers, in order of appearance:

Don (sans Rose  get well soon)
Dave  first time! Welcome.
Missy (cameo appearance)

Next dance: Saturday, April 2, 2005 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7:00 - 10:00pm.

The Bozeman Spring swing is Saturday, April 23. Cecelia would like to get an idea of how many people plan to