Date: Sun, 10 Apr 2005 
Subject: Dances of April 9, 2005
From: Cris 

Dances from April 9, 2005
Salvation Army Gymnasium, 7:00 - 10:00pm

I arrived late and incuriously failed to find what dances had preceded my arrival, so I bring you to our regularly
scheduled dance list already in progress.

3  St. George of Skyros  			Greece
4  Louky  					Czech 		Russ taught
5  Milanovo Kolo  				Serbia 		Russ taught
6  An Dro Retourne ("Changeraistu?")  		Brittany
7  Jessie Polka (to "Cotton Mill Girls")  	United States 	Russ taught
8  Tino More  					Macedonia 	Russ taught
9  Mayim   					Israel 		Cris taught. The rain continues to fall.
10 Rumelaj  					Gypsy
11 Ali Pasa  					Turkey 		Cris taught
12 Gorani 					Armenia
13 Oseh Shaloam  				Israel
14 Derite Se Cizme Moje  			Croatia 	Cris taught
15 Lesnoto ("Tuginata Pusta de Osta Ne")  	Macedonia 	via Chickenhouse, MT Russ taught

16 Juice of Barley 				England 	Russ taught
	As we knew in our hearts, Playford states "all clap and hands4 once round" which is to say the circle turn
	goes all the way, not half as we chose to do.  But it certainly is easier to accomplish the move in the
	allotted time if you only go halfwayround, isn't it? Thus our lowimpact adaptation continues by mutual

17 Tamzara  					Armenia
18 Podrimsko oro  				Albania
19 Cobankat  					Albania 	We didn't actually dance this, but rather studied
        							the dance notes while the music played.
20 Yolanda  					Colombia
21 Devojce  					Macedonia
22 Zorba  					Greece
23 Barsgeren yeghanag (Persian Melody)  	Armenia  	Joe led
24 Sedi Donka  					Bulgaria 	Russ taught  Thank heaven for the variablespeed tape.
25 St. Margaret's Hill  			England		Danced twice and oh my was it beautiful.
26 Dospatsko Horo  				Bulgaria
27 Heya Heya (partner version)  		Modern Israeli
28 Dedo Mili Dedo  				Macedonia
29 Svekrvino Oro  				Macedonia	The motherinlaw's dance.

14 dancers, alphabetically by first name spelled backward:
Jackie Z
Scott (visiting from Helena)

Next dance: Saturday, April 16, Salvation Army Gym, 7pm10pm. 
The following Saturday, April 23, is the Spring Swing in Bozeman. 
Folkdancing in the Flathead will be held that evening.

Speaking of the Spring Swing, here is the tentative schedule for that weekend. The one change from last week's
dance report is a probable change in the start time of the Saturday afternoon Scottish.  I'm led to believe
there may be a Friday evening activity in Helena as well; details will follow if this is confirmed.
 1112(Maybe)    At Harmony Hall. A beginners lesson for locals (for 
 the folks who don't dance enough to recall.) We can zip through these 
 again in the evening, but I'd like to add more from the 
 BourquesMoreau Easy International CD, which Carla should have by 
 then.We already do 3 from it.

 12 - 2 At Harmony Hall. Steam and Stomp Review and maybe add some new dances.

 2 - 2:30   Break

 2:30 - 5:30 Scottish to live music (Hallie and Tom Robison) at the barn, with Setnja and maybe another
 International thrown in. This makes the best of Bozeman our musicians and Susan at her finest.

 5:30 - 7  Dinner

 7 - 11 or so..    Dance at MT Ballet
 Some people will sleep.

 11 - 1-ish   Dance at MT Ballet

One more note of personal interest to me: the Swingin' On High Big Band will be playing a swing dance on
Friday Evening, April 22, at the Eagles lodge (37 1st Street W, Kalispell). Proceeds will benefit the 
Flathead Jazz Society  I'm not sure right now what the admission price is, but I know it's going to be
reasonable. Bandleader B.J. Lupton has asked the Eagles to make this a nonsmoking event, so have 
no fear of secondhand smoke and come to dance!