Dances of April 16, 2005
Salvation Army Gymnasium, 7-10pm

With apologies for spelling errors. List cobbled together from previous Cris & Roger e-mails. Approximately in
the order danced:

1  Pomasko Sirto			Bulgaria
2  Trugnala Ramjana			Bulgaria
3  Dvasti Tristi			Bulgaria
4  Kostursko Oro			Bulgaria
5  An Dro Retourne 			Brittany 	repeated later at Joe's request
6  Sweet Girl 				Armenia 	both versions, Jon led
7  Tamzara 				Armenia
8  Bergeren yeghanag Persian Melody	Armenia
9  Ajde Jano 				Serbia 	 	both Tradional and rock'n'roll versions
10 Pentozali 				Greece
11 Preplet				Serbia
12 Melissa's Waltz 			USA		Russ taught
13 Satovcenko Oro 			Bulgaria	Don made his teaching debut
14 Dospatsko Horo 			Bulgaria
15 Cetvorno Sopsko Horo 		Bulgaria	Missy reconstructed one of Roger's favorites
16 Jiana 				Romania
17 Birchot Havdalah 			Modern Israeli
18 Rumelaj 				Gypsy
19 Joc batranesc de la Niculitel 	Romania

Cast of characters (12 dancers)
Jackie Z

Next dance: Saturday, April 23, 2005 at the Salvation Army Gym, 7:00 - 10:00pm.

A special benefit contra dance and potluck is scheduled Friday, April 22, 2005, at the Flathead
Country Fairgrounds Country Kitchen, to benefit the non-profit Kalispell Montessori Center. Music by Grin
and Bear It String Clan. Dances called by Dan'l Moore.
Live and Silent Auction by Gardner Auction.
Admission: A potluck dish.
      A-G     Salads and Breads
      H-M     Desserts
      N-Z     Main Dishes

The Bozeman Spring Swing is Saturday, April 23.
Current sketch of the itinerary, as provided by
Saturday: 11-12(Maybe) At Harmony Hall. A beginners
lesson for locals (for the folks who don't dance
enough to recall.) We can zip through these again in
the evening, but I'd like to add more from the
Bourques-Moreau Easy International CD, which Carla
should have by then. We already do 3 from it.
 12-2 At Harmony Hall. S&S Review and maybe add some
new dances.
 2-3   Break
 3-5:30 Scottish to live music (Hallie and Tom
Robison) at the barn, with Setnja and maybe another
International thrown in. This makes the best of
Bozeman- our musicians and Susan at her finest.
 5:30-7 Dinner
 7-11 or so.. Dance at MT Ballet. Some people will
 11-1-ish Dance at MT Ballet