Date: Sun, 24 Apr 2005 
Subject: Dances of April 23, 2005
From: Cris 
Dances from April 23, 2005

Salvation Army Gymnasium, 7:00-10:00pm

Dances and the countries that spawned them:

1  Alunelul  				Romania 	Rebecca taught
2  Rumelaj  				Gypsy 		Rebecca taught
3  Setnja  				Serbia 		Somebody taught
4  Makedonsko Devojce 			Macedonia 	Cris taught, though not exactly correctly
5  An Dro Retourne ("Changeraistu?")  	Brittany
6  Mayim  				Israel 		Cris taught rather cursorily
7  Louky  				Czech 		group review
8  Tzadik Katamar  			Israel 		Rebecca taught
9  Jove Malaj Mome  			Bulgaria
10 Kritikos Syrtos  			Greece
11 Ajde Jano  				Serbia (twice through: first time with music by the Beograd Folk Orchestra,
								2nd time by Talitha MacKenzie)
12 Galaonul de la Birca  		Romania
13 Pomasko Sirto  			Bulgaria
14 Vlasko  				Bulgaria
15 Hashual  				Israel
16 Juice of Barley  			England
17 Tamzara  				Armenia
18 Birchot Havdalah  			Modern Israeli
19 Aino Kchume 				Assyria		We tried and tried again but never really succeeded.
20 Oseh Shaloam   			Israel
21 Barsgeren yeghanag (Persian Melody)  Armenia
22 Moj Dragane   			Croatia
23 Heya Heya (partner)  		Modern Israeli
24 Ma Navu  				Israel
25 Cetvorno Sopsko Horo 		Bulgaria. 	Between us, we hit about 80% on this one.
26 Pata pata  				South Africa
27 Hora Nirkoda  			Israel		Rebecca acknowledges that we got going in the wrong direction.
28 Sestorka  				Serbia
29 Podrimsko oro  			Albania
30 Lugovonjka  				Russia
31 Briul de la Fagaras  		Romania
32 Joc de leagane (Maramures)  		Romania

... and the dancers that dance them (15, count 'em):
Betty  first time folkdancing, learned of the group from Ed and Deanna
Kathy N.

Next dance: Saturday, April 30, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7:00-10:00pm.

Thanks to Joe for the report on the Bozeman Spring Swing!