Hi everyone,

        Dances from July 2, 2005, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.

        (Close to the order we did them in)

	Brasni Carvul 				Dobrudz^a
	Dvasti Tristi 				Rhodopes
        Lalica 					Severnjas^ki	 with Russ.

        Roger taught: (both done twice)
        1  Sitno Malis^evsko  			Bulgaria, Pirin region	(Sit-no  Mali-cheifs-ko)
        2  Stiga mi sa momne le  		Bulgaria, Rhodopes	(Stiga-me-saw moem-ne-lay)

        Missy and Lita taught: (both done twice)
        3  C^obankat   				Albania		(Show-BAN-cat)
        4  Podrimsko Oro 			Albanian line  (separate parts & lines for M & W)

        5  Tfilati 					Israel
        6  Dance from Plav 			Albania (Montenegro. Music: "Ne e Kemi Drenicën")
                Sally didn't teach us to do what we do with this dance, but we're having a lot of fun with it: Every
		time someone falls off the cliff, "YAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH," (in the recording.) the leader spins off
		and goes to the end of the line, and so on for each leader.

        7  Somogyi Karikazo 			Hungary

        Rebecca taught:
        8  Haroa Haktana 			Israel


        9  Panagjursko Horo 			Bulgaria  gave a quick review
        10 Tamzara 				Armenia (Tineke's)
        11 An Dro Retourne 			France\Brittany
        12 Erev Ba (Evening Comes) 		Israel 	The long version, Russ incorporated both the first and second
							(the one most familiar) versions, aka: Erev Ba 1 and Erev Ba 2

        13 Hambo 				Sweden
        14 Lesnoto Medley, from Nama #2 	Macedonia
                1 Oj Ti Pile
                2 Z^alna Majka
                3 Bitola Moj Roden Kraj 
                4 Makedonsko Devojc^e

        15 Heya Heya 				Modern Israeli couple dance
        16 Sedi Donka 				Trakia
           Sitno Malis^evsko
           Stiga mi sa momne le
        17 Ketri, Ketri 			Gypsy Romania
        18 Jiana 				Transylvania, Romanian
        19 Barsgeren Yeghanag "Persian Melody" 	Armenia
        20 T'Astrin Ki Tou Fengaraki 		Greece/Macedonia (means "The Stars and the Little Moon)
        21 Pata Pata 				South Africa
        22 Sweet Girl 				Armenia

        In memory of the woman who taught Rebecca's home town how to dance:

        23 Ali Pasa 				Turkey
        24 Belasicko Oro 			Macedonia
        25 Ma Na'avu (How beautiful) 		Israel

        During the dance, in the kitchen, Lita's ice cream maker was spinning, turning the cream and honey
	into ice cream; milk shake consistency.  Thank's  Lita!
        (Someone was in the gym dancing Kulsko Horo during the distribution of the milk shakes. :)

        26 Marklaender 				Germany
        27 Joc de Leagane 			Romania, Maramures

        1  Cris
        2  Connie
        3  Jackie Z
        4  Joe and
        5  Nancy -Joe's sister, she danced Jiana with us.
        6  Marianne
        7  Marvin
        8  Missy
        9  Rebecca
        10 Ronda
        11 Roger
        12 Russ
	13 Lita

        A big thanks to all those who helped make Camp and Stamp (or if you prefer -Stamp and Camp) happen.
	Thank you Russ for the use of your house and "Chicken Coop!"

        Our web site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org

        Any suggestions, clarifications, corrections, you have are welcome!

        Till next time