Hi everyone,
Dances from July 9, 2005, at the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.
(Close to the order we did them in)

Roger taught: (both done twice)
1 Stani S^terko -Bulgaria, Pirin (sounds like: Stan-ee Sh-stair-ko)
2 Koga me mama rodila -Bulgaria, Trakia (Sounds like: Ko-ga me-mama ro-deal-yah)
3 Tervelska Raka -Bulgaria, Dobrudz^a

4 Sitno Malis^evsko (Sit-no Mali-cheifs-ko) -Bulgaria, Pirin region
5 Stiga mi sa momne le (Stiga-me-saw moem-ne-lay) -Bulgaria, Rhodopes

6 Ketri, Ketri -Gypsy -Romania
7 Ajde Noga Na Nagamo -
8 C^obankat (Still not sure about the pronounciation, but it's
something like Show-BAN-cat) from Albania

Russ worked on teaching us:
9 Muirland Willie -Scotland

10 Ali Pasa -Turkey
11 Barsgeren Yeghanag "Persian Melody" -Armenia

Sitno Malis^evsko
Stani S^terko
Stiga mi sa momne le
Tervelska Raka
Koga me mama rodila

12 Heya Heya -Modern Israeli couple dance
13 Pata Pata -South Africa
14 Jiana -Transylvania, Romania
15 Ciro -Croatia
16 Karamfil -Macedonia
17 Podrimsko Oro -Albanian line (separate parts & lines for M & W)
18 T'Astrin Ki Tou Fengaraki -Greece/Macedonia (means "The Stars and the Little Moon)
19 Rumelaj -Romanian Gypsy
20 Tamzara -Armenia (Tineke's)
21 Lugovonjka -Russia

1 Connie
2 Don
3 Jackie Z
4 Joe
5 Lauren
6 Lita
7 Marianne
8 Marvin
9 Ronda
10 Roger
11 Rose
12 Russ
13 Ted

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Any suggestions, clarifications, corrections, you have are welcome.
I am far from perfect! Expect: errors, omissions, typos, and
spelling mistakes. Take this offering as a work in progress, and
a grain of salt.

Till next time