Hi everyone,

Dances from July 23, 2005. At the Salvation Army Gym, 7-10 PM.

(Close to the order we did them in)

Cecelia and her two daughters were visiting from Bozeman. They
were the first to arrive. We danced many of the dances found on
Yves Moreau's CD volume 5. We danced:

1 Brasni Carvul -Dobrudz^a Then tried to remember:
2 Krivo Ihtimansko Horo -S^opluk, Bulgaria - Both of us are still
learning this tricky dance.
3 Sitno Malisevsko -Pirin, Bulgaria
4 Zensko Svatbarsko -Pirin, Bulgaria -This is another dance both
need to practice a little more on.
5 Stani Sterko -Pirin
6 Stiga mi sa momne le -Rhodopes
7 Staro Pomasko Horo -Rhodopes
Cecelia really likes:
Lazarska Racenica -Trakia, but didn't have time to do it.
I wanted to dance:
Ljavata -Dobrudz^a -but it was time to stop and begin teaching.

Three young women showed up to dance with us. About six years ago their
parents had brought them to our group when we were dancing at the Sons of
Norway in downtown Kalispell. They didn't remember any dances from then,
"Just a bunch of people dancing in a circle." They remembered Sally
Cuningham (now Jenkins) was the one their parents knew and it was Sally
who had invited their parents. We taught and then danced each of the next
five twice:

8 S^eta (SHAY-tah) -Serbia
9 Dance from Plav -Albania
10 Ajde Noga Za Nogama -Croatia
11 Kendime -Turkey
12 Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria

Requests (The next four done twice also):
13 An Dro Retourne -France\Brittany
14 Moj Dragane (MOJ drah-GAHN-eh) -My Sweetheart- -Lika, Croatia
15 Jiana -Transylvania, Romania -Roger taught
16 Dvas^ti Tris^ti -Rhodopes, Bulgaria -Russ taught
17 Ma Na'avu -Israel
18 Alunelul -Romania -two lines. One traditional shoulder hold, the
other swinging arms like the Bulgarian: C^ukanoto
19 Nabrala - Medimurje, Croatia
20 Podrimsko Oro -Albanian line (separate parts & lines for M & W)
21 Zemer Atik -Israel
22 C^obankat -Albania
23 Kritikos Syrtos -Greek
24 Heya Heya -Modern Israeli couple dance
Staro Pomas^ko Horo -Bulgaria, Rhodopes region -Done twice
25 Tfilati -Israel
26 Pata Pata -South Africa
27 Sirba din Cimpoi -Romania
28 Birchot Havdalah -Modern Israeli
29 Haroa Haktana -Israel
30 Tamzara -Armenia (Tineke's)
31 Legnala Dana -Macedonia
32 Dobrudjanska Reka -Dobrudza, Bulgaria -Rebecca taught
33 Tervelska Raka -Bulgaria, Dobrudz^a
34 Vulpiuta -Romania
35 Barsgeren Yeghanag "Persian Melody" -Armenia
36 Polka
37 Vlas^ko -Vlach, NW Bulgaria (long version)
38 Dedo Mili Dedo -Macedonia
39 Rumelaj -Romanian Gypsy
40 S^estorka -Serbia
41 U S^est (#4 of 5) -Serbia
42 Pravo -Bulgaria (Nama's)
43 Lugovonjka -Russian


1 Alicen -I didn't ask them how they spelled their names,
2 Brittany so please forgive any misspellings.
3 Kelsy
4 Cecelia
5 Laura
6 Mary
7 Connie
8 Cris
9 Dave <--visiting from Michigan. Looked our group up on the internet
10 Jackie Z.
11 Joe
12 Lauren
13 Marianne
14 Marvin
15 Rebecca
16 Ronda
17 Roger
18 Russ
19 Ted
20 Shanon and
21 Derik -late arrivals

Rebecca has provided us with a notebook to keep our requests and
comments in, just like most other groups do. Thanks Rebecca.

Alan and Sarah's announcement: "Family and friends, join us for
our wedding at our home in Kalispell, and dance, feast, play,
and explore in celebration of our joyful union." Friday, August
12th through Sunday, August 14th, 2005 RSVP them.

Our web site: http://www.montanafolkdance.org

Any suggestions, clarifications, corrections, you have are welcome.
I am far from perfect! Expect: errors, omissions, typos, and
spelling mistakes. Take this offering as a work in progress, and
with a grain of salt.

Till next time