October 15, 2005 dances
From Joe: <I added the numbers, and the comments in < symbol.

Sorry for the delay. Your fearless author's been in bed for a couple days
with food poisoning. Well, not always in bed but you don't want to know the

ANYWAY....please excuse the spelling errors

Dances we did (not in much of a particular order), and probably not
complete...Roger was here for the first time in a month, and as Jackie asked
him..."Roger, do you want to catch up a months non-dancing in one night?"

1 Dramskata
2 Ali Pasa
3 Sitno Maliveska <did this later too
4 Stara Pamarsko
5 Itele
6 Stiga Mi Samomnela
7 Butchansko <done twice
8 Skudrinkta
9 Cetrono Sapsko Oro
10 Tamzara
11 Nino
12 Harmonica
13 Rustemul
14 Dedo Mili Dedo
15 Jiana
16 Alenelul de la Urzica <did this twice. Also some wanted it taught so I did.
17 Fife Ness
18 "Samogiyi Korakazoo"...Rebeca told me it's Hungarian. Spelling? You decide.
19 T'Filati
20 Jove Maloj Mome
21 Cadaneasca dela Mucip
22 Pata Pata

Other dances we did but didn't get on Joe's list:

23 Sborinka -Bulgaria
24 Olahos -South Hungary - Lower Tisza region
25 Kuma Echa -Israel
26 Tervelska Raka -Bulgaria, Dobrudz^a
27 Misirlou -Greek/American
28 C^obankat -Albania
29 Podrimsko Oro -Albanian line (separate parts & lines for M & W)
30 Devojko Mari Hubava -Rhodopes, Bulgaria
31 Lugovonjka -Russian
32 Trugnala Rumjana -Bulgaria <last dance

Present: This is a special feature today! Instead of me arranging the names a
certain way, YOU! reader, get to have fun arranging them any way you like!!!

1 Ted
2 Russ
3 Lita
4 Roger
5 Missy
6 Marvin
7 Joe
8 Jackie
9 Ronda
10 Connie
11 a special cameo by
12 Cris and Rebecca

-as usual, any errors or omissions are mine, all mine!!!!!