November 12, 2005 dances.
From Joe :

Dances we did...they *were* in order, but I pressed the wrong button on the

1 Tamzara
2 Setnja
3 Ma Navu
4 Jiana
5 Podrimsko oro
7 Rumelaj
8 Posties Jig
9 Lugovonjka
10 Levi Jackson Rag
11 Pata Pata

13 Mayim
14 Mairi's Wedding
15 Lech Lamidbar
16 Kuma Echa
17 Kostersko Oro
18 Gorani
19 Andro Retourne
20 Cetvorno Sopsko Horo
21 Bufcansko
22 Ajde Jano (rock)
23 Harmonica
24 Zillertaler Laendler
25 Troika

People that were here:

1 Sam
2 Ruth
3 Joe
4 Lauren
5 Ted
6 Ronda
7 Shannon
8 Marvin
9 Russ
10 Missy

Joe, all mistakes and omissions..blah, blah, blah...

3 things.
1. -A laptop and iTunes are great for playing the music! A huge thanks to Cris and Roger both for getting me most of the music to put on, and also to Roger for getting me music when it's not on the laptop. I really wouldn't want to go back to using tapes. (but they do when I'm not there. Nobody else wants to learn how to run my laptop.:-/ <Yet!>

2. It was Marvins 81st birthday on Nov. 10th, so we had treats and sang last night. What amazing treats!!! A berry cheesecake and a poppy seed bundt cake were eaten. Lauren also made a chocolate cake she said she'll freeze and keep in reserve for when it's needed.:-)

3. The 14th annual Culture Fair is in Ronan on Saturday, Dec. 3rd. We'll be meeting in the Rosaurs parking lot at about 9am to get to the fair by 10:30. We'll be doing some teaching, but a lot of it is just getting people up dancing! I've gone the past couple years with a folk dance group. It's a blast.

That's it, unless I remember something else that I forgot.

I knew there was something else I was going to mention. Lita has kindly offered to host an after Culture fair taco feed/potluck at her house in Polson on Saturday the 3rd.